While marketers pay close attention to understanding Generation Y, there is a new generation that had begun to be targeted by marketing professionals: Generation Z. According to Gartner, Generation Z attracts the attention of marketers with an estimated sales strength of $143.2 million.


What do we know about Gen Z?

Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2015, is a digital and mobile-based generation. Mobile and digital connectivity through social media, smartphones and other digital media platforms have facilitated high-frequency activity and engagement with Generation Z’s. A study shows that about 45% of young people engage in digital devices almost continuously.


So, what do we do?

The main thought was that the future of sales and marketing was up to Generation Z, however, that future came into the present tense rather quickly. Now Gen Z started to influence how brands position on a social issue. In a short time, they will affect almost all the marketing decisions we make. So, why not start now?


Create original and meaningful marketing strategies

One of the important points to note here is “not fake”. You probably need to be 100% consistent in your messages because these young people are using the platforms so often when you change your tone to avoid some problems they will notice it quite easily.

Be careful to be where your target audience is located. Social media platforms are where Generation Z is most often spend their time. But they are not there to be exposed to your content, so, do not dictate, just participate.

Consider the great success of products that promote a generation: brands like Levi’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, or Starbucks. Gen Z will need brands as parts of self-built unity, not to place themselves in a limited number of existing identities. We are less likely to see stories of consumers coming together with their success and more likely to see stories of consumers following their own path.


Your message should be fast and engaging

They are willing to spend time and energy on experiences and content if you provide it in the right form. Don’t forget you only have seconds to impress Generation Z while all the tech&marketing community competing for their valuable attention.

Tired thumbs

YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are among the most popular social media platforms among Generation Z. Show that you understand what Generation Z values and respect it on social media. The presence of your brand’s influence on social media is a prerequisite for Generation Z to find value in your brand. Tik-Tok allows ads of up to 60 seconds but recommends “short videos of 9-15 seconds.” The Instagram Stories format allows ads up to 120 seconds, but automatically divides them into separate 15-second videos. Therefore, outside the connection of premium TV and cinema broadcasts, it is possible that ads longer than 15 seconds become rarer.

The attention span of Gen Z will be lower than that of Gen Y… and remember that the middle millennium only had an attention span of 8 seconds. So, while creating content, remember Snapchat’s prevalence over other social platforms (71% of Gen Z use Snapchat daily and 51% use it about 11 times a day).

However, social media is not the only channel. Email marketing is one of the digital marketing applications that still work. Generation Z checks their emails several times a day, at least once a day. To create effective marketing content, take care to skip where it is crucial to provide relevant, engaging, and personalized content (promotions, discounts, recommendations).


Use the power of video

 Generation Z goes to YouTube to watch videos where he/she wants to devote time to himself, find education and morality. According to the study, 85% of Generation Z say they use YouTube. 80% do so for the acquisition of new skills and the acquisition of new knowledge. For this reason, try to strike a balance between educational and practical issues in your video content.


Design Great Experiments

As a practical and selective group, Generation Z does their research before sitting down. This research includes reading reviews, learning about you and where you stand on social and environmental issues. Designing the total experience is as important as the product. In addition to the product’s own use and function, the emotions and experiments that come with it are just as important.


To wrap up, getting to know Generation Z will take time as they are not constant entities. They are normal people who were raised at a marvelous age, and will transform themselves in time. They also do not like when we generalize them as “Generation Z”, so you can avoid it unless you write a blog about them. Instead, listening to what they say and what they do and paying attention to it could be wise. Conducting research and applying empathy in Generation Z-specific strategies will help you achieve success. Generation Z, which will be the largest consumer group in the years to come, is actually willing to love your brand if you love truly love their attitude. When you give that impression, they involve in your ads if the ad is in their area of interest. So, it comes to accurate targeting again. WASK step in to help you find the perfect Gen-Z audience. It also can help you design beautiful Instagram posts and stories that young people appreciate and come back to see again.





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