Choosing the Right Strategy for Your Business


Digital paid ad campaigns are an incredible strategy for growing your business. Not only does it provide you with the unique ability to reach more customers, spread your message, promote your offerings, and ultimately grow your business, it also provides you with the ability to scale your business like never before.

With that said, there’s a caveat. While digital paid ads are great, they’re worthless if you fail to target the right consumers. If not executed properly, not only will you end up wasting your money but you’ll end up wasting your time; time that could have been used growing your business successfully.

There are essentially two paid ad strategies when it comes to targeting the right audiences and optimizing the performance of your ads: Audience targeting and Keyword targeting.

Obviously stated, the former involves targeting a specific demographic of real people, while the other relies on SEO and keyword research (i.e. knowing what keywords your target audience is searching for most regularly).

While both strategies are effective in their own right, each has a unique time and place where they’re appropriate. This is largely dependent upon the business strategy, goals, and objectives.


What is Audience Targeting

As mentioned above, audience targeting is simply the act of targeting a real demographic of consumers. When selecting a target audience for your paid ad campaign, you’ll have the option of selecting a demographic based on age, race, gender, location, financial status, and other subcategories like interests, hobbies, preferences, and purchasing behaviour.


The Value of Targeting Audiences

By targeting the current and lookalike audiences through your paid ad campaign, you drastically increase the likelihood of conversion. Why? In short, targeting audiences that have either already purchased your product or service or has shown interest in a similar product or service has the greatest chances of taking action on the ad. Not only will targeting audiences increase click-through rates, impressions, and conversions, but will also result in a greater ROI and ultimately impact your bottom line.


What is Keyword Targeting

In contrast to audience targeting, keyword targeting, as mentioned in the preface, doesn’t involve a particular demographic but instead targeting the specific keywords relevant to your offerings that said demographic is most likely to search.

By strategically placing said keywords throughout your headings, subheadings, ad copy, metadata, and other text-relevant places, your ad is more likely to show to your target audience.

Make sure you do your research and learn what keywords and keyword phrases your desired customer uses the most!

The Value of Targeting Keywords

Choosing to target keywords instead of audiences allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in the market. You see, audiences are never going to change. They’re real people and they are who they are.

Keywords, on the other hand, follow trends and change based on your audience’s behaviour. This may result in greater reach which, in turn, may result in greater retention, conversion, and ultimately ROI.


Choosing the Right Strategy for YOU

Both audience targeting and keyword targeting have the same goal in mind; to improve ad campaign success and improve conversion and ROI. Whether or not one is better than the other is not the right question to be asking.

Instead, you should be asking “what are my goals and what strategy is most suitable for said goal?”. In other words, your goals and objectives will largely dictate which strategy is likely best for you.

If your ads are largely going to be search-based, keyword targeting is likely the way to go. On the other hand, if your ads are more social media and content-based, audiences are going to be the move.

To leave you with one final perspective, it’s this. Audience targeting is going to be much broader, generally speaking, which will ultimately allow you to reach more people. Keyword targeting, on the other hand, is effective for more specific, “exact” targeting.

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