Digital marketing tool has provided an equal competitive space for different-sized businesses to compete with each other on the internet, which is a very important field today. It is also more inexpensive than traditional marketing. Digital marketing Tool reduces the size of the tools much more, and an effective digital ads campaign can be made.

Want to know how to manage all-in-one social media accounts(Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Linkedin) effortlessly?

Meet the Unique digital marketing features of Wask Digital Marketing Tools. You can streamline scheduling processes to save time with ad scheduler and start/stop your ads at any time to increase your efficiency. This is most useful at the start of a digital marketing campaign as you don’t yet know which hours/days will provide the most conversions. With performance comparison, after some time and with the right analysis you may find that you can effectively save the pounds for the times that count.

You can control your social ads daily/weekly/monthly automatically by activating the AutoPilot. Wask, fully automatically cross-channel digital ad campaign manager. It eliminates the need for manual day-to-day campaign management by using technology and data science to automate daily tasks such as performance monitoring, pausing low performing ads, bid optimization, and reporting. And by Autopilot when closing your social ads, notifies you of them via email.

With the support of Artificial Intelligence, automatically create the right audience, use it in your social ads.Ad comparison helps you understand the results of your attention and provide informed decisions in the next step. This is all-in-one of the essential stages in optimizing your social media plans and the acquisition of the data needed to create more value for your digital campaigns and business.

Also with your private digital advisor, you can create a targeted, data-driven advertising strategy and create more productive social ads. In doing so, we guarantee your data security. No information records are stored for your digital marketing advertising accounts.

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