At the same time as the speed of technological development, the dynamics of certain industry disciplines are constantly changing and developing. The marketing discipline is the beginning of these disciplines, especially because the concepts of social media and the Internet have become an indispensable part of our lives. Classic marketing has been quickly replaced by the concept of digital marketing. Digital marketing has become a brand new concept, which is different from traditional marketing disciplines in many aspects.

Of course, we cannot say that traditional marketing ideas and digital marketing ideas are two completely opposite concepts. However, its working method, working principle, communication form with the target audience and the path followed are the main characteristics that distinguish these two concepts.

Marketing Type

Traditional marketing (in other words, classical marketing) has a more open and structured style. Compared with digital platforms, classic marketing is a more convincing marketing method, and at the same time more cost-effective, it can not be used anywhere, nor is it targeted at individuals.

Culture of Participation-Direction of Communication

In fact, this is the focus of classic marketing and digital marketing methods. Web 2.0 gives users the opportunity to generate content. User activities, such as operating on blogs and Weibo, commenting on the brand’s social media channels, asking questions, sharing, and sometimes even contributing to existing content, have made the direction of communication not only from the source to the purchaser. It can be said that this concept has begun to become an advertising model because the brand realizes that the content from users is more credible and interesting.


In traditional marketing methods, long-term campaign settings are possible. Spontaneously developing and capturing current social media posts is very important in digital marketing.

Because now there is an audience who sit in front of the television, who are exposed to advertisements between the programs, or who are conscious of following a rapidly changing flow at any moment and who want to enjoy and benefit from it, instead of a crowd that is as intimate as ever with billboards and magazines. The resource is huge, there are countless platforms.

Communicate With Consumers

While the one-way and traditional communication organs such as telephone, letter and e-mail are used in the classical marketing approach, digital marketing relies heavily on the active use of social media channels and related interactive dynamics. Followers can find peer social media related to your company or brand, and every conversation with them will create added value in brand image and effectively transform potential customers into customers.


Usability of classic marketing methods is generally much more during working hours. The use of digital marketing strategy is possible 24 hours a day with an opportunity like internet. While there is a living mechanism that lives 24 hours in every field in the world that has evolved to digital; The marketing side cannot be expected to educate itself in this direction.



The scope of traditional marketing ideas is far more limited than digital marketing. Although the traditional mindset needs to focus on specific areas, there is no concept of time and space within the scope of the digital marketing mindset.

Wealth of Experience

When doing classic marketing, you will act in very static cycles and certain patterns. On the other hand, the mentality of digital marketing can create activities that are open to innovation and can develop different experiences. In doing so, the ability to use multiple channels is used.

Method of Using the Language

Naturally, a more formal language is used in the classical marketing approach and an attempt is made to follow a language developed in line with the main marketing teachings.

In digital marketing, you can talk directly to the audience and create interactions with this audience. It is very easy to move without hitting the walls in this interactive structure that the digital world allows almost limitlessly.


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