If you’re designing a story or a post for both Facebook and Instagram, you have to increase the click-through rate before you mention conversions.

The most defining element of click-through rate is capturing users ‘ attention, capturing them with creative designs, and ultimately clicking them. In this context, content is almost everything. Although creative copy needs to be decent, most of the attention is grabbed by the design.


It is vital that your image looks powerful so that your users, who are exposed to many notifications, hopefully interact with your ad. Let’s check the basics in order to make the design of your digital ads better.


6 tips for visual designs that most effectively highlight the right spot:

1-Suitable colors and fonts

Do not disturb users with multi-color or hard-to-read fonts. You better choose the appropriate color for your target audience and the appropriate font for your message. Bright orange color surrounded with other vivid colors may not suit well on a poster about the global economic summit. Try to guess which colors your target audience likes. A good way to test that is by putting your image amongst all the other ad images of your competitors into a folder. Then randomly wander around the images, let’s see if your ad image grabs your own attention within a second. However, when your ad performs lower than your expectations three times in a row, do not insist anymore and change the design starting with the color and font.

Also, let’s say preferring angular or oval fonts might strengthen your message. Or might not, because it depends on the rest of the design and context. Study the psychology behind the fact about why some human beings love some colors and fonts and not others. Know your game.

2- Notable Bold Texts

Web banners, stories, posts. They all have limited spaces. Also, since most of us see them through a relatively smaller screen of our phones. Therefore, you should use your keywords wisely and effectively to highlight your message. Select carefully the words you want to stand out (amount, product name, campaign name, etc.) Make sure to use the same font as the rest. Unless you want to give a specific message.


3- Get Rid of Standard Text Patterns 

Users have limited time. So, remember that instead of reading your banner, they scan or skim. The goal here is to draw attention. Probably the first thing to do to achieve that goal is to try to use fewer words. That would be more powerful if I would have said: “Go for stunning but fewer words” instead of all the crowded words in the sentence before this one. I did not. So, you get the point. Those interested in the ad will get details when they click on it, either from the page you referred to or by contacting you.

4-Call to Action

Tell users what to do by adding a button or trigger to your banner. What should be the next step for them (go to a site, go to product detail, contact, write, etc.) You must specify this. Otherwise, users might be confused about the process.

5- Authentic visuals attract attention

Original contents have a high click-through rate unless there are other fundamental problems. One of these fundamental problems might be not knowing your ideal audience. You can solve that easily with the accurate target audience finder with WASK. After that, all comes down to the design itself. Starting from a template would work well. Good design almost always pays off although it is sometimes hard especially when you do it yourself. If you are seeking a tool to make your design journey easier, you can try WASK’s design tool for free. It has all the features you need for social media ads and posts such as free themes, free templates, emojis, background colors, an easy-to-use layer’s section and much more. Also, you can immediately publish your digital ads as soon as you finish your design.



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