Digital Marketing Key Points

There are some situations in which digital marketing strategies are overlooked because they think brands are not important and they cannot reach their desired goals. Especially those who have taken new steps in digital marketing processes should pay attention to these points are among the marketing processes.

Digital Marketing Key Points #1

By 2020, Google estimates that half of the searches will be done by voice search. One out of every five adults are currently making a voice call, which is expected to increase in the future.

Switch to HTTPS

If you want to develop digital marketing tactics, make sure your infrastructure is appropriate. The first thing to be aware of this is to switch your site to HTTPS.

Your site should load quickly

Your site needs to load extremely fast if you are not fast enough, you may not be listed in the voice search results.

Longer Questions

In voice calls ask longer questions than text calls. Google needs short, clear answers to answer these questions.

In this process, because of using of artificial intelligence in millions of websites, Google wants to give the shortest, concise and clear answer to its users. If your answers are in long paragraphs, Google cannot find the answer to your voice calls, so you should try to give clear and short answers in the first part of the article.

Digital Marketing Key Points #2

The most used channel of Digital Marketing processes is paid advertising. Paid ads are becoming more and more expensive with the formation of competition and it seems that this will not change in the future.

The way to compete is to focus your landing pages on conversion as much as possible using conversion optimization. It may be wise to use conversion tools at this point. Also, A / B tests and multiple landing pages and ad sets need to be constantly tested.

End low-conversion ad campaigns by constantly checking which channel you’re receiving more conversions from. This way, you will have the opportunity to use your budget more efficiently in this highly competitive area.

Use email capture bars and popups. Collect at least emails from visitors who come to your site by spending budget, this list may return to you like a free marketing channel in the future. Focus on conversion optimization as much as possible.

Digital Marketing Key Points #3

It seems that switch funnels called funnel will be more popular this year and in the future. Previously, businesses would only optimize their ads. How much did I spend today? How much did I sell?” This situation is changing now and it is not enough to optimize advertising budgets.

Thanks to the sales funnels, many techniques such as Upsell and Cross-Sell are used. You should urgently use your sales funnels to get your customers into this funnel and make continuous sales to them. So it is inevitable to install funnel systems and optimize them correctly.

No matter what digital or physical product you’re selling, keep track of the customer you buy, and try to sell more. Use sales funnels to ensure that the same customer won’t give up on you for life.

Digital Marketing Key Points #4

Content marketing still works, it’s a fact. But increasingly organic content is far below ads, making it difficult for users to access them. If you don’t produce incredibly high-quality content when content marketing is done thanks to the blog, the classic content you produce will not find its old value.

Several titles, H1-H2, articles filled with keywords, etc. It no longer catches the attention of search engines. You should give the search engine content that they have not seen before so that they can meet users with this content, the content will be shared and liked. Content marketing can only become valuable in this way.

Digital Marketing Key Points #5


In a video you can see and hear the person, it is more realistic than the text and images. It is a digital marketing channel that does not promote physical purposes. You can interact with the audience, share your comments and make videos easier than ever with hundreds of thousands of people you like.

Video content will continue to come and grow because people like to watch videos. If you have video content on Facebook, it gets more viewed and shared. This is the same for YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Video content is getting stronger every day, so digital marketing channels need to include video content and video ads as soon as possible.


Podcasts have increased by up to 45% according to recent research. If people are listening to your podcasts, their behavior to buy changes more easily, so they can be more convinced. This method has become quite a large digital marketing channels in other countries according to Turkey.

The reason for the growth is very simple! Every individual has internet and smartphone, so it’s more attractive to listen to your voice instead of reading while working, walking, doing sports, traveling. We can say that podcasts will become a good digital marketing tactic in 2020 and the future so people may want to listen to you while you are dealing with their lives in a hurry.

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