4 Tips for profitable e-marketing ideas

  • Determine your an effective placements for your facebook ads
  • Use Effectively Carousel ads
  • Serve an engaging content in ads
  • Instagram Video/Gif Ads

 4 Tips for profitable digital e-marketing

If you run the facebook and Instagram ads To profit from e-marketing you should learn some tips. Sounds good ? Let’s read it

Determine your an effective placements for your facebook ads

if your display ads a live in Facebook or google ads you must choose the placements for your brand. Did You now Where do your potentional customers decide to purchase decision? In facebook or audience network? Or Instagram stories ads ?, facebook catalog ads ? usually advertisers should edit the ads placements. For example: If you need to message replies; audience network is not true place. İf you’ve used it automatically so far, you can report to which placement better than, which is cost cheaper, which is Ctr Better, If you followed the pixel see the how much shopping  action from placement based to your ads from account level

How can I see the ad place area ?
1. Select the “ads reporting” in facebook business manager menu
2. “Create a report”
3. Breakdowns: ad set , placement, age and what you needed
4. Metrics: Ctr, cpc,adds to cart, adds to wish list, Checkouts and more what you needed
Now you can see the placement based ad results and examine the convertions


Use Effectively Carousel ads

Carousel ads has a high performing tool, so you can contain a 10 multiple image and videos. Marketers can prepare a creative idea, and carousel ads 10 times more traffic to websites than standart sponsored posts on Facebook or Instagram. In addition, carousel ads also promote 72% higher click-trough rate.

Serve an engaging content in ads

When you create an ads generate a content that is appropriate for your audience. content that suits your audience will have a higher clickthrough rate. your ad will run with higher relevancy and lower cost thanks to a high clickthrough rate. The campaigns and offers you offer must be relevant to your audience

Instagram Video/Gif Ads

Facebook video ads and video formats is the better click-trough rate and you can tell to your message. Facebook feed, Instagram Stories or Messenger Inbox. Video ads support multiple aspect ratios depending on the placement. If you want to prepare a video ads, it must include a interest contents


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