Lead generation increasingly became popular in recent years. But what is it exactly?

A lead is a prospective customer who expresses interest in your company by taking specific actions. The lead generation technique consists of using strategies to attract and convert interested leads.

For marketers and businesses who want to expand, lead generation is critical. Prospect-building tactics, when done correctly, create good relationships with qualified customers who have invested time and energy into your business.


We can say that there are four elements of lead generation.

Capture: is a technique for extracting information from a lead. The lead’s name and contact information, as well as specific qualification details about themselves or their organization can be collected.

Magnets: are motivators for potential customers to sign up as new leads.

Qualification: is a method of determining the probability of purchase, based on lead info.

Segmentation: sorting the customers based on their knowledge, behaviors, and activities (for example, job title, the feature that attracts them, the pages they visit).

  1. Targeting the Right Keywords

To catch prospects and lead them to your lead magnets, build a strategy to target the words the customers look for. Use keyword analysis to find phrases that your ideal customers are looking for at the top of the funnel.

  • Create new, relevant and durable content that is keyword optimized.
  • Create a blogging plan based on your keywords.
  • Target the same words in pay-per-click ads,
  • Guest blog on pages where the target words have a high share.
  1. Optimize Your Website to Promote Your Lead Magnet

Make sure website users can quickly locate your lead magnet to create more leads. Create on-site funnels that segment the audience and guide them to the lead magnet that most closely matches their needs and interests. This can be accomplished by distributing lead magnets across your website.

  • Make it the main CTA on the homepage.
  • At the end of blog posts and forums, promote related lead magnets.
  • Create a pop-up for lead generation.
  • Use the sidebar or hello bar at the bottom to promote your lead magnet.
  1. Publish a Weekly or Monthly Newsletter

Making a must-read newsletter that allows prospects to communicate and keep in touch with your brand is another way to use the content as a lead magnet. This allows you to remain top of mind with consumers while also sharing product and service deals that can move prospects further down the funnel.

  • Blog posts
  • Updates
  • Offers
  • Events
  • Recommended content
  1. Gated Content

Online content that is only available after a user fills out a form is known as gated content. The technique works because it provides free value to the audience while attracting high-quality leads who are interested in you.

  • E-books
  • Online tools
  • Online courses
  • Guides
  • Industry reports

  1. Use Chatbots

You won’t always have the energy or time to dedicate to lead generation, so a little support from a bot cannot hurt.

Chatbots have the potential to generate a lot of leads. Since chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the technology is ideal for helping prospects without interruption. Set them up to represent your brand’s personality so they can function as automated marketing and sales agents.

  1. Retarget

Keep the confidence if prospects do not purchase anything during their first encounter with your brand. Retargeting allows you to reconnect with people who have shown interest in your brand but have not taken the next step.

Retargeting allows you to show ads to people who interact with your brand’s website or social pages. Since consumers need to see your brand several times before converting, retargeting is a smart way to keep them moving down the funnel.

  1. Promote on Social Media

One of the lead generation tools should be paid social advertising. Use the powerful targeting options on Facebook and Instagram to present ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your goods or services. You can target people on many levels, enabling you to interact with a highly targeted audience. If you are new to the game or feel tired because of the complexity, using a professional digital advertising tool like WASK can help you tremendously. WASK enables you to design, publish, manage and optimize all of your digital ads from a single screen. So, it reduces costs while helping you thrive your business.

  1. Modify Your Social Profiles

Make sure your social media followers are aware of your lead magnet. It should be displayed on social media so that when people interact with you, they see your bid and the straightforward next step in working with you. On profile pages, promote your lead magnet. Instead of sending users to your homepage, use the CTA buttons.

  1. Provide a Freemium Product or Free Trial

Offer a free trial or a freemium product to attract leads from interested and eligible prospects. Free trials and freemium goods motivate qualified, interested prospects who aren’t quite ready to make a purchase. Once they sign up, you can use features, offers and email promotions to advertise the benefits of updated accounts.




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