When starting digital marketing, there is only one question in everyone’s mind, “How much budget do you need to start digital ads?”. But there is no numerical answer for this question. Digital marketing budgets can vary for a newly established company and a large company. You can determine the budget suitable for your products or services with a successful strategy.

When it comes to digital advertising, social media platforms and search engines come to mind. In addition to these, digital advertising can be done in areas such as websites, news, and blog sites. With the pandemic period, interest in digital marketing and advertising has increased considerably. Today, digital advertisements are what most companies need to grow in the internet world.


Why should we use digital ads?

Strong brand perception and brand equity are important factors affecting purchases, especially in high-cost investment products. Although SEO-friendly websites, professional social media management and rich content are offered, it is difficult to reach the desired audience without advertising or marketing strategy. If it is desired to reach the determined audience in a short time, it is necessary to use digital advertisements efficiently. Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing and advertising are easier to measure.


What should be considered when doing digital advertising?

In digital advertisements, the quality of the image must be high, and the content must not contain grammar mistakes. Visual and text integrity should be ensured, the text in the image should not be more than 20%. In many social media, long texts on the image cause spam content.

Since the purpose of your digital ads is to increase revenue, the primary goal should be to attract potential customers to your website to achieve your goal. You should use digital ads to increase conversions on your website, you can increase your website conversions with a successful digital advertising strategy, and this will then affect your sales.

All small or large businesses need to do digital advertising and marketing to take the next step, that is, to grow their business. For this, it is necessary to allocate a certain budget to these areas.


How much budget should be determined for digital ads?

It is possible to post ads on many social media platforms and search engines, especially Facebook, Instagram, and Google. It is often recommended to use 10% of the revenue from the company’s overall sales when performing a digital advertising experience for the first time. However, as we said at the beginning, it is not possible to say anything numerical about the budget. Depending on how many people or which regions you want to reach, your advertising budget may increase or decrease. Advertising budgets may be higher than small businesses as large companies aim to grow further. This situation is as it should be. There is no such thing as rapid growth in digital advertising, it is a process that requires patience and overtime as in every field.

Depending on the preferred ad model and the platform on which the ad will be published, there may be changes in your budget or you can determine it yourself. The PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising model is very productive for beginners. Since the advertising budget is paid per click, you are advertising for people who are interested in your ads. The PPC advertising model has positive effects such as getting quick results and budget control. With advanced targeting options, you can determine when and in which position your ads will be shown.

By examining the advertising models in the market in detail, you can determine the strategy and budget suitable for your brand. It should not be forgotten that after publishing an ad, it should be constantly analyzed on a regular basis to increase performance. Whether you have a big or small budget, you can use Wask to manage all your ads in one place. With Wask, you can easily follow different ad accounts on a single screen, you can manage your budget and start or stop your ads automatically by adjusting the time. You can sign up for free here to make your ads efficient with Wask’s user-friendly interface.




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