How to Optimize Google Ads Campaigns

How to Optimize Google Ads Campaigns For Better Results?4 min read

Google Ads has been one of the primary advertising platforms advertisers use for variety of reasons such as increasing sales for an e-commerce brand.

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Google Ads has been one of the primary advertising platforms advertisers use for variety of reasons such as increasing sales for an e-commerce brand or get more qualified leads for a lead-gen business. It offers advertising solutions including Search, Display, Video, App or Shopping and everyday, many advertisers from all around the world create, edit or optimize thousands of campaigns. And optimizing campaigns especially search campaigns to make most of them is getting harder as a lot of different metrics must be paid attention to.
In today’s blog article, we will talk about some important tips that will surely help you, PPC specialists. Let’s not waste any more time and talk about how to optimize google ads campaigns for search.


The first thing you do when optimizing Google Search campaigns is to look for conversions. How many conversions you are getting, how much you pay for a desired conversion and what is your conversion rate are the three important questions to answer. If your conversions (by conversions we mean sales or leads depending on your business goals) are not sufficient or your cost per conversion is higher, you need to start optimizing your campaign accordingly. Everything you do when optimizing any campaign will be linked back to your conversions, cost per conversion or conversion rate.


First of all, choosing the right bidding strategy will make a huge impnact on your ad performance. We explained Google bidding strategies in detail here. Choose the one that will be the most compatible with your overall campaign objective. After that, make sure that you are bidding just the right amount to avoid spending too much or underbidding. Getting enough impressions is as important as not wasting your budget on expensive clicks or conversions. You need to check your bids on a regular basis to adjust them for a better ad performance.

Do detailed research on your industry benchmark bids or use keyword or bid optimizing tools to improve your bidding strategy. If you are not getting impressions for your ad, try to increase your bid but if your CPM or CPC is too high, then decrease your bid (but make sure that other components of your ad don’t have any problems, as well).

PRO TIP: Do not increase or decrease your budget for more than 20% not to disrupt the algoritm’s learning phase.


Search term report gives you which search terms users type on Google trigger your ads. It is really important to make sure that search terms and your keywords are relevant to each other. By taking a detailed look at each individual search term will help you find both positive and negative keyword in Google Ads ideas to improve the overall performance your ads. As result, you won’t be getting impressions from irrelevant search terms or explore new positive keywords ideas that you couldn’t think of in the first place. Also, you might want to check keyword match types or change your bids on some keywords.

  • Google calculates quality score by combining
  • Expected clickthrough rate
  • ad relevance
  • landing page experience

It is one of the defining factors for how much you pay for a click so looking for ways to improve your quality score will be a big help to lower your costs. Here are what you can do to improve your quality score:

A. Work on your ad copy: Make sure that your keywords, headlines, descriptions and URL are relevant to one another.

B. Thematically related ad groups: Instead of putting all your keywords in one ad group, structure them in a very targeted way.

Let’s say that you are selling jeans for men on your website and you want to create a search campaign. You have three different jeans categories in your inventory such as skinny, cargo and ripped. Put your keywords according to their respective category and create your ad copies with related headlines and descriptions for not only a better quality score but also a more personalised ads.

C. Create high-performing and fast-loading landing pages with relevant quality content

D. Use ad extensions to increase your ad space for visibility which in turn will help you increase your CTR.

There is no such thing as ‘creating the best campaign’ as Google search campaigns are auction-based which means that they are dynamic and ever-changing. We need to optimize each and every component of the campaigns to be able to make the most out of them. Optimizing campaigns take a great deal of time and manual effort and if you have a lot of campaigns, ad group or ads, you need to find a way to automate the whole optimizing process.

And you might experience instances you are not familiar with. Using an Google ads optimization tool might a be help for you in that sense. Knowing all these problems, WASK created a Smart Optimization Tool which will take all your optimization burdens from you and make sure that your overall campaign performances are profitable. To test our optimization tool, we offer 15-day free trial. Feel free to try it and if you have any quesitons, you can also contact us or request a demo to understand how WASK can assist you with your Google and Facebook Ads.

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