How to Use Wask User Panel

Wask is Single Platform For All Ads Accounts. You can manage different Advertising accounts through Wask and see the statistics. You can access advertisement information from Wask User panel.

So what’s in the User panel? How to use?

The screen you see below is the Wask User Panel.

You can access information such as Amount Spend, Clicks, CPC, Device, Impression, Frequency, CPM, CTR by selecting the advertisement account you want in the Wask User Panel and determining the date range. You can also view and edit active or inactive advertising information.

Now is the time to show them to you.

You can choose or add ad accounts here.

You can select the date range for which you want to see the ad data and apply it.

You can activate “Advanced” to view advanced advertising information.

You can see the total ad spend you have made in the date range you selected in the “Amount Spent” box.

In the “Clicks” box, you can see the total clicks your ads received during the date range you selected.

You can see the amount of money your ads spend per click in the “CPC” box in the date range you selected.

Cost per click (CPC) is an Internet advertising model used to generate traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. How much advertisers pay depends on the publisher and generally depends on two main factors: the quality of the ad and the maximum bid the advertiser is willing to pay per click. The higher the quality of the ad, the lower the cost per click charged and vice versa.

In the “Device” box, you can see on which devices your ads are shown (Mobile or Desktop) within the date range you selected.

In the “Impression” box, you can see how much your ads received in the date range you selected.

An impression is when an ad is fetched from its source, and is countable. Whether the name is clicked is not taken into account. Each time an ad is fetched, it is counted as one impression.

You can check the “Frequency” box to see how much your Facebook ads are served to a user within the date range you choose.

Frequency, as defined by Facebook, is the average number of times your name was served to each person. As your campaign spends more money and serves more impressions your frequency will increase – that’s just basic math

You can see the Cost per mile of your ads in the “CPM” box for the date range you selected.

Cost per mille, also called cost per thousand, is a commonly used measurement in advertising. It is the cost an advertiser pays for one thousand views or clicks of an advertisement

You can see the Click-through rate of your ads in the “CTR” box for the date range you selected.

Click-through rate is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement. It is commonly used to measure the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website as well as the effectiveness of email campaigns.

In the “Digital Ads” table, you can see the information of your ads that are active, inactive and under evaluation. This information consists of Amount Spend, Clicks, Impression, Frequency, CPC, CPM, CTR.

You can apply it to the Advertisement you want by selecting the Stop, Start and Delete options.

By clicking the “View” button, you can view the summary of the Ads.

You can update your Ads by clicking the “Edit” button.

Value comparison of CPC, CPM and Scores is made in the “Cost Comparison” Table.

The “Gender” Table indicates which gender your ads are shown to.

The “Age” Table indicates the age range your ads are shown to.

The “Countries” Table indicates in which countries (Cities) your ads are showing.

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