Many companies are somewhat blindly starting the digital marketing strategy process. They often have little understanding of their competitive online landscape. They may not even formulate goals or goals online. Should they engage in social media and if so, how? It is important to invest time and effort upfront in doing the appropriate research and planning. Your digital marketing strategy and implementation plan will then be on a solid foundation.
It often turns out that digital marketing strategy sessions turn into tactical discussions, but don’t get disconnected from what the strategy is and what the tactical plan is – we have little time; you need to know where you are going online (strategy) and how to get there (tactics). Therefore, in this section, we will cover a practical overview of both aspects.
This guide focuses on helping Irish exporting SMEs to make effective use of digital marketing channels to reach national and international customers. However, most of the practical advice can equally be applied by companies operating in the domestic market.
Strategy snapshot
• Research and analyze the target market for your digital plan.
• Review your inner capabilities and outline your digital marketing goals.
• Explore all aspects of current e-business performance.
• See what your competitors are doing on the Internet.
• Introduce the key elements of a digital marketing strategy.
• Document the implementation implementation plan.
The approach presented here builds on Inspiration’s 15 years of experience in providing services such as website development, search engine optimization, online marketing support, email marketing, and content marketing. Our strategic approach has brought many successful results to our clients. We hope our knowledge and insights will help you develop an effective digital marketing strategy based on our proven process.
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