The Tool That Makes Digital Marketing Easier

Digital marketing has provided an equal area of competition for companies of different sizes on the internet which is a very important field today. It also has more cost-effectiveness than traditional marketing. Digital marketing tools will cost you much less than this, allowing you to make an effective digital campaign.

A digital marketing campaign with optimized conversion rates needs a tool that makes digital marketing easier to provide more conversions, better revenue, and easier interaction with your target audience or potential customers.

Google products used by everyone in managing digital marketing campaigns may not give you a competitive advantage after some point. It is important to carry out all your work in one area and to create effective and efficient strategies. Thus, Wask makes it easier for those who are active in digital marketing with all in one platform. Let’s look at this tool that makes digital marketing easier in a short time and see how you can improve your campaign efficiency.

It is so easy to connect different digital ads accounts with Wask. Connect all your accounts to one single platform to create, publish and control all advertises from a single page.

Wask, is a tool that makes digital marketing easier, provides users to manage their ads in one simple and effective platform. After you connect all your accounts to Wask, you will see a wide menu on your dashboard. After this you can select account and select ad to manage and evalatue with performance datas that Wask provide you.

Creating new ad is fastly and easily in Wask platform. First you need to chose the account, channel and area that you want to create ad for it. Then select your specified target audience if you have no audience yet you can create it with the help of Wask’s advenced AI technology easily.

With this tool that makes digital marketing easier, you can automatically stop your ads at a later date, and with the AutoPilot function. In such cases, you may have your ads checked daily by AutoPilot if you cannot access your ads for holidays or other reasons.

When you activate AutoPilot there is a few period option to control your ads. Wask can track your ads on daily, weekly or every 15 days for you. All you have to do is activate the AutoPilot function and choose your period.

Wask ensure to create target audience. First you need to select your sector and subtitle of your sector then select your country, business model and the channel you want to advertise to create the true target audience.

After these informations Wask’s AI technology is taking over the task. It creates the true target audience with its always updated unique algorithms.

Wask, as a tool that makes digital marketing easier lets you save time, save money and manage all ads accounts in one screen with all these features and more.


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