If your advertising work is below the success you target, don’t worry! Here are some ways to increase your ad’s quality score for you:

1- Review the report that comes out of the screenings. How much has your ad been shown to your target audience, has it reached enough of your targeted potential customers? it is useful to look at it. In this report, you can see how many people your ad was shown to, how many people clicked on your ad, etc. Examining this report in detail will give you valuable information about your advertisement.

2- Review your keywords. Did you keep your keywords too broad or did you find too niche words? Have you used keywords that businesses that do not directly share the same market as you can come up with? Or couldn’t your customers, who have the potential to reach you by narrowing it down, not see you? It may be time to update your keywords according to the results. Replacing your keywords with industry-appropriate words and using different keyword match combinations can increase your success.

3- Make sure your ad is relevant. Grouping your ad by target audience, keyword and other factors increases the relevance of the ad. Google measures its relevance by whether the search query is ad-related. You should make sure that you match your ad with these criteria. The high relevance of the sentences written in your ad, the final url and your extensions with the searched word will significantly increase your click-through rate and quality score.

4- Check if your landing page is adequate and consistent with the ad. Can consumers who click on your ad find what they want easily on your page? Are keywords on your landing page? Is a consistent page created for the product / service you advertise? Google cares about these to connect its users with honest retailers. The higher the link of the page to be opened after the ad is clicked with the phrase you advertised, the higher your quality score will be.

5- Is your landing page opening fast enough? This question is not usually asked, but of course Google pays attention to this parameter. The speed of your site opening is processed by Google and you can be prioritized by its algorithm or thrown into the back row. Loading your page to be opened in less than 5 seconds after the ad click will increase your quality score. Click to visit the PageSpeed ​​Insights page to measure the loading time of your website. No matter how high you pay for Google ads, an advertisement that does not comply with Google standards will not achieve the necessary success. Just like the organic search results, Google expects you to work in the advertising field that satisfies the searchers. A wrongly planned Google AdWords ad will not result in anything other than wasting your budget.

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