There is no company that does not want to increase customer satisfaction. But if you don’t think about your customers at every touchpoint, it is inevitable that you will fail in this regard.

You can present a great product, just in time, with a big smile on your face. But irregular touchpoints, such as a disoriented ad, billing errors, or a useless website, can make you lose your customers. Fortunately, it is possible to check these touchpoints. All you have to do is identify them and start getting feedback.


What are customer touchpoints?

Customer touchpoints are the points where your brand is in touch with the customer from the beginning to the end of the process. For example, customers can find your company on the internet or through ads, see reviews and reviews, visit your website, shop at your store, or contact your customer service. The list may seem long, but these are just a few of the touch points!


What are the touchpoints and how do they enable you to make better business decisions?

The touchpoint covers every moment a potential or existing customer contact your brand before, during, or after purchasing something from you.

Identifying touchpoints is the first step in creating a customer roadmap and ensuring customers are satisfied at every stage. Here’s how to consider all your touchpoints, so that you can make them happy by making improvements to your process without missing the opportunity to listen to your customers.

Finding customer touchpoints

List all the places and times your customers can interact with your brand to determine your customer touchpoints. Here we have listed some touchpoints. However, these may vary depending on your company’s area of activity. Show customers that you care about them. Learn how to use Net Promoter Score to have happier customers and a stronger company.


Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Trying to find all these touchpoints can be a little daunting at first, as your customers can experience many different experiences for your brand. But you can make it easier by stepping out of your role and putting yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Thinking of yourself as a customer, ask yourself these questions.

Where do you go or how do you get here when you do:

  • When you have a problem that needs to be solved,
  • When you find the product or company that will solve the problem,
  • When you make a purchase decision,
  • When you meet the company after the purchase decision,

As you step by step on the customer journey, all the parts become clear before your eyes.

You also do this when you want customers to detail their experiences with your brand, or when you place these questions in a survey.


How to utilize your touchpoints map to collect customer feedback?

Knowing the touchpoints is only half the way. To increase customer satisfaction, you need to ensure that each touchpoint results in a good customer experience and that the entire journey meets customer’s expectations.

To see what works, you can conduct customer feedback surveys or install customer experience management software at each touchpoint. But always be careful to observe the entire customer journey so as not to lose sight of the general profile.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are one of the most important touchpoints that you can utilize. These social media apps, which have millions of users and make it easier to stay in touch, help your ads touch the right people. It is also possible to spread your ads to a wider audience from search engines such as Google. Because Touchpoints covers every moment of customer contact with your brand, it is also important to plan your advertising strategy correctly and publish ads on the right platforms. Your Facebook and Google Ads accounts can be connected to Wask’s user-friendly interface, yo can easily manage your ads. Sign up for free here to Wask.

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