With the development of technology, digital marketing is becoming more and more powerful every day. With this powerful feature and smart advertising, brand owners can easily communicate brand information to their target audience. In this fast-growing world, brands that use digital marketing have a better position to compete with competitors. In order to maintain a competitive advantage, it is necessary to correctly understand the advantages of digital marketing and actively use it.

Speed: The rapid development of the digital world ensures that the dynamics in it are also fast. You can activate or stop the desired ads in Google Ads or Facebook within seconds. You can quickly change your advertising strategy based on the audience’s response to the ad or the brand’s urgent decision.

Interaction: Using Web 2.0 technology, digital media flows from brand to user and from user to brand in both directions. Communication in traditional media (such as TV or newspaper advertisements) is only one way from brand to user. In a digital platform with two-way communication dynamics, user interaction with content (such as comments, likes, or sharing) can affect the effectiveness of the campaign very closely.

Targeting: Targeting is one of the most important functions that make digital marketing better than traditional marketing. You can target local and global standards in digital marketing. Rather than providing the same brand information to all users, let users provide specific brand information to each target audience. Although you don’t advertise your product to users who have purchased it; you can have a closer advertising exchange with users who have thrown the product into the shopping basket but have not yet purchased it. You can target based on a lot of information, such as the user’s location, interests, age, gender, relationship status, and display ads.

Measurement: You can see the return on investment brought by digital marketing advertising. You can easily measure the success of your ads based on previously determined performance metrics (such as impressions, clicks, and conversions).

Cost: You can attract a smaller audience with a lower budget instead of attracting a large audience with a higher budget. Of course, this does not mean “advertising in digital marketing is cheaper.” Because the cost of each advertisement produced in traditional media and digital media is very different from each other. However, because we can target the digital world, we can more accurately reach the audience we want. Therefore, by using positioning technology, the unit cost of advertising in digital marketing can be obtained at a more affordable price.

Optimization: In the digital marketing world, decisions can be made immediately and the entire strategy and investment direction can be changed. Therefore, for the company’s efficiency, it is important to immediately track the effectiveness of the ads based on the previously determined KPIs and invest in the best performing ads.

In short, in order to keep up with the developing technology world, we have to get out of the classical marketing ways and move to digital marketing areas in order to reach wider audiences more easily.

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