What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping is another interesting feature of the Instagram application for putting e-commerce sites from Instagram. After a user logs into Instagram Discover, he can access the Shopping tab here, reach the personalized shopping screen, and hundreds of e-commerce sites can buy this product in seconds.

Instagram Shopping Feature

What is Instagram Shopping Feature?

Thanks to the Instagram Shopping feature, you can view hundreds of dough types you are looking for on your mobile phone within seconds, access price information, browse the same product models and purchase the product you like in seconds.

What are the Requirements of the Instagram Shopping Feature?

To activate the Instagram Shopping feature,

Your Facebook and Instagram account must be integrated,

The Instagram account must be transferred to the Business account

You must have an e-commerce site,

Products must be added to your e-commerce site completely and without errors,

You must have a business account in Facebook Business Manager,

You have to create a Catalog in the Catalog Manager.

Also, Facebook Pixels, Events and Conversions are expected to be on your website to fully benefit from this feature.

How to Turn on Instagram Shopping Feature?

To activate the Instagram Shopping feature, you need to follow the content:

Creating a business in Facebook Business Manager,
Creating a Catalog in the Catalog Manager,
Add products to the catalog without any problems,
Click Activate Shopping Feature

Follow the steps below for Domain Verification



After creating the first three steps above, confirm the selection Shopping feature on View the Store on your Instagram profile,
Once the feature is approved, add your products from the same place.


What should I do to activate the Instagram Shopping feature?

First of all, you must have a physical business that is officially trading. Here we are talking about a real and official business. Next, you need to have a Facebook and Instagram page.

After you switch your Instagram page to a Business Account, you should integrate your Facebook and Instagram pages.

After these actions, you must create a Business Manager account and an advertising account. Then the important step of the job is to have a Facebook Catalog.

Facebook Catalog is a system where you can transfer product features such as images, detailed information, price and stock information of the products you sell on your website to Business Manager.

Thanks to the Facebook Catalog, you can transfer all the products you sell on your website to Business Manager, automatically update the stock and other information of the products, and target the products in the Catalog for sponsored ads on Facebook & Instagram.

In order to use the Instagram Shopping feature, you must create a Catalog in Business Manager and add your products here.

How to activate the Instagram Shopping feature?

Let’s say your business has been verified by Facebook. You also meet all the necessary conditions for the Instagram Shopping feature. Sign in to your Instagram account now.

Login to your Instagram profile,
Click View Store on Profile,
Add products manually from the Catalog you created earlier and tap Done.
You can create the Instagram Shopping feature this way.

How can I create an Instagram Shopping post?

We got through so many adversities, created our catalog, added products, verified our business, waited patiently for days in front of the computer, and we came to the most fun part!

How can you create your Instagram Shopping post?  How can you tag the prices of the products on your post on Instagram?

Log in to Instagram and go to the section where you post.

Select the relevant photo and click on Label Product.

Remember, you can add up to five products in total per image or video post, and up to 20 products per multi-image post.

You can also price-tag your old posts and even your Stories on your business profile!



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