One of the best ways to boost your business profitability is to reduce customer acquisition costs, which includes eliminating any useless advertising spend. There are 7 ways you can use to lower your Facebook ad CPC.

Determine Your Ad Targeting in The Best Way

“Rather than just letting Facebook select your audience, choose the interests and geographic locations yourself so you can target those that are best suited to your business.” Good and They will Know a receptive audience.This is a particularly useful strategy when multiple ads are running and you don’t want viewers to overdose on your content. Try to limit your target audience so that you only bid on who you really want to reach. Create personalized ads for your audience to make sure you grab their attention. Always emphasize the benefits for the users, what the user can get should be the main focus of your ads. Use high-quality images with strong visual focus. Relevant images that support the main point of your ads tend to work best. Many times it is better to choose pictures of people instead of pictures of objects / drawings / graphics because people can relate more to people. Use a strong USP (Single Selling Point). Use direct numbers and discounts on your headline, because humans love numbers.  Try to Use Lots of

Videos and Pictures.

We focus primarily on conversion rates and specifically on getting the CPC as low as possible. Usually ours is around $ 0.10- $ 0.13. My best advice for getting a good ROI is to really focus on your audiences. We generally only target a range of 100,000 to 300,000 for each campaign. Anything smaller doesn’t have enough reach, but bigger isn’t oriented enough. You need to collect data on your target customer and adjust the settings until you reach that number. This is even easier if you use a pixel (or repixel), or if you are advertising to a similar audience. “

Build a Strong CTA

“You want to engage your audience to take action and engage with your ads,” says Jonathan Aufray of the Growth Hackers Agency. A great technique is to tell a story and build suspense. You can speak up. about the problem your audience is facing and clicking on it will find the solution. ” Lachlan Kirkwood of ClickThrough adds: “Although Facebook ads offer a variety of different CTA buttons, it is important to include additional prompts that inform users of how they can physically act after interacting with your ad. If the goal of your ad is simply to generate traffic, including the link within the copy of the post allows users to easily interpret where to click.

It can also be effective to use the description field of the newsfeed to write your call to action in a way that users clearly understand, e.g. click the button for more information. Although it is important to generate a cost per click at a low price, brands should consider optimizing their bidding strategy for landing page views, ensuring that they only pay for users who actually visit a landing page, not just for doing click on an ad “.

Increase Ad CTR Percentage

I “Increasing your click-through rate (CTR) will increase your relevancy score and therefore lower the cost of your Facebook ads,” says Michael Miller of VPN Online.

These generate higher CTRs in the long run. You can also use more appropriate call-to-action buttons. The Learn button is more enjoyable for cold audiences who don’t trust you yet. Lastly, write a clean, simple copy that gets straight to the point and doesn’t leave users guessing what they’re clicking on or why they should. ” Nextiva’s Yaniv Masjedi adds: “Optimizing your click-through rate (or CTR) is a way of telling Facebook that your ad content is relevant to your target audience. When this happens, Facebook lowers your CPC as many audiences find it applicable to their life. However, if a lot of people don’t click on your ads, Facebook would think that you ran an irrelevant or poor-quality ad

Activate Facebook pixel

Daniella Pozzolungo from PupDigital says: “Use the Facebook pixel and optimize the landing page views. Optimizing for landing page views is a much more lucrative metric than simply optimizing for clicks. When you optimize your landing page views, Facebook will show your ads to the people who are most likely to not only click on your ad, but also wait for the landing page to load. This means that you immediately get more value for every click you get. ” “There are many ways to optimize your Facebook ad,” adds Jennifer Willy from Etia. “This optimization is more than creating a niche and fan base and installing the Pixel software. Being smart is the only option to be successful in today’s digitized world. It won’t make any difference if your ad runs 24/7, it has to be effective to have an impact. You need to calculate and observe what period of time is best to advertise your product / service.

Separate Your Creative and Ad Sets

“One of the best ways to optimize your CPC on Facebook ads is to multivariate tests on your targeting and creatives,” says SurveySensum’s Supriya Agnihotri. Instead of running 1-2 ads, run 8-10 different ads (different combinations of main title, ad copy, image, and CTA) to see which one is the most effective. Multivariate testing helps you know which ad creative, audience, delivery, or placement best fits your marketing goals. So once you determine the most effective ad, increase your budget as you begin to improve your ROI. “

Ameet Khabra of Ameet Khabra Marketing Inc. says: “Try ad creatives. Facebook allows us to run different creatives simultaneously with the same advertising budget. We may know our audience inside and out, but the slightest bit of creativity can have a huge effect on long-term results. ” CJ Xia from Boster Biological Technology agrees, “Images are the key part of Facebook ads and it is one of the important factors that help the user decide whether to click on an ad or not. Try different images and find the one that optimizes your Facebook ad campaign. Use a high resolution image and show your product or brand clearly in the image. Try to avoid too much text in the image and trim well around the important part of the image. ” 301 Digital Media’s Andrew Becks adds: “Effectively leveraging even the simplest A / B tests can improve overall CPCs and help identify underperforming assets to discontinue promotion or upgrade in an effort to improve future performance.”

Empathize with your customers

In marketing, we could call these pain points or consider the customer journey, but it all comes down to respecting your customers as people and opening up a conversation that is relevant to them. Whether we offer content or ad copy, the goal is to open a door for people who need us to find and walk through them. If you find your audience and offer them something of value, they will click. “

Use Lots of Images and Videos

“To optimize CPC in Facebook ads, as with all advertising, understanding and empathizing with your customer is the” I highly recommend creative innovators, “says Alejandro Rioja of Authority Daily. “Nothing can give you better results than having an attractive image accompanied by a creative description. Plus, A / B test and see which creative performs the best. ” Four Dots’ Ivan Dimitrijevic says: “We often start with some ideas about what we are looking for and what will generate good CTR, hence CPC on Facebook. And after a series of tests, those creatives are refined to become a profitable honeypot. A good CPC or CPM is not enough, tracking user cohorts after they reach the site / application, and their use in the application is what distinguishes a good campaign from a bad one “
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