Digital marketing in Nepal

Digital marketing has developed significantly in Nepal as well as in any other country. In today’s world, the importance of digital marketing and digital marketing tools has increased and countries have tried to benefit from them.

In this article, we will try to include digital marketing details and digital advertising data of Nepal.

By taking this important data of digital marketing into consideration, you can carry out your marketing activities in Nepal more accurately.

You can examine important data such as population of Nepal country, social media users, digital marketing payment behaviors, number of digital advertisers in Nepal country from this article.

Population and Digital Data of Nepal

We have summarized the population distribution and digital data of Nepal for you.

Population of the Country

  • Male
  • Female

Age Distribution of the Country

  • 18-24
  • 24-35
  • 35-60
  • 60+

Country's Social Media Usage Rate

  • Facebook
  • Insagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Why digital marketing is important in Nepal?

Digital advertising, also known as online advertising is a type of advertising which uses new media for promotions. The internet is the main base of digital advertising channels. The number of users on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are increasing every day and these companies collect important data about the users’ personal information, product search, and usage. With the help of this information, the launch personalized and targeted ads that are useful to the user, making it easier to reach the target audience.

Google ads are the leading digital advertising channel in the industry with thirty billion dollars of revenue.  It is an online marketing tool that allows you to show your ads on Google’s search results, partner sites or YouTube. Every business owner wants to get more sales, more phone calls and increase the visibility and awareness of his brand in a particular region in relation to his products or services. With Google Ads. you can activate ads very quickly and increase traffic to your site. The most common method of Google Ads is pay-per-click which is a method that an advertiser pays to Google when the ad is clicked.

Digital marketing expenditure of the country

  • Facebook (M$)
  • Google (M$)
  • Twitter (M$)
  • Linkedin (M$)

Digital Ad Spending by Industry in Nepal

% Service & Other

% Retail


% Automotive

% Financial Services

% Travel

In the Nepal’s Digital Advertising market, 80% of the Digital Advertising revenue will be generated through programmatic advertising in 2023.

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Types of Digital Advertising in Nepal

Digital advertisers identify some types of data-based advertising based on the type and target audience of their products and services.

It is very important which advertising is served to which audience and through which channels. In the chart below, we will look at some data for Nepal.

Ad distributions by type

Video Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Banner Advertising
Search Advertising

Top Products in Nepal

% Women's Clothing

% Men's Clothing

% Book

% Toy

% Souvenir

% Other

Importance of E-commerce and Digital Marketing in Nepal

Digital marketing for E-commerce companies is a must. Consulting to experts in this sector and acting in line with the recommendations they receive will bring great profitability to companies in the short and long term.

E-commerce is also divided into several types, called B2B (Business-to Business), B2C (Business-to Customer) and C2C (Customer-to Customer). It would be right to give an example of advertising agencies for B2B, companies that provide digital marketing for E-commerce firms as an example of B2C, and online shopping sites for C2C.

Another important issue is how to implement digital marketing for firms.

When a new e-commerce site is established, millions of potential customers may be waiting for you in line with the products and services you want to sell, but the important part is to reach them and to be able to protect your income and expense balance during this period.

Popular Payment Methods in Nepal

Payment methods vary from country to country. The financial status and technological level of the country determine these payment methods. We’ve searched for Nepal payment methods.

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Online Advertising

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