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When you run ads on Facebook, it’s essential to know what you’re dealing with right? Thankfully, Facebook Ad Library is here for you. There are methods to find out what your competitors’ Facebook ads sizes and specs look like. Also, there are many strategies to overcome Facebook’s competition.

So, Facebook’s Ad Library search is a marketer’s golden opportunity for their business. It has permitted the users to access information about any ad running platform. It’s obvious that forming a Facebook ad can be a challenging duty for marketers as you all know. But with the Facebook Ad Library, any marketer can discover affiliation from past accomplished campaigns by certain best businesses.

If you want to learn more about how to use Ad Library and how you can search your competitors’ Ads, keep scrolling.

What is Facebook Ad Library?

What is Facebook Ad Library
What is Facebook Ad Library

Before we enter how to use the Ad Library to get benefits from your business, we’ll have to start with the basics. Facebook created its Ad Library in 2019 as a straight reply to the Facebook political ad controversy in 2016.

Facebook determined to offer everybody (without Facebook accounts included) access to information on all active ads on its media platforms. Any ad that is running on Facebook and Instagram for the present can be presented in the library much as inactive political and issue ads.

This tool is absolutely beneficial for those who are relevant to politics, for it permits them to view who is investing in what, how much they’ve spent, and their access across different demographics. Yet for marketers, the Facebook Ad Library is a tool that allows you to see all the ads your competitors are running in one single place. It is very crucial as the digital marketing world can be head to head. So, if you don’t want to come up short, you have to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

Using the Facebook Ad Library is the ultimate method to attain perception and impact from the ads of your competitors. To get your business prices up to speed, make sure to learn about Facebook Ad Library.

How to Find Your Competitors’ Ads With the Facebook Ad Library?

The best approach to viewing Facebook advertising from your direct competitors is to know whose companies they are. Facebook Ad Library at your fingertips, uncovering their tactics has never been easier.

  1. Enter the company name in Facebook’s search box
  2. In the search results, locate the company page
  3. Navigate to the business page and scroll down until you find a box on the left side with the label “Page Transparency.” Select “See All”
  4. Then select “Go to Ad Library

This displays all of that company’s advertisements, both live and dormant. Additionally, you can view any Instagram advertising that the company runs from this page because Facebook now owns Instagram.

How To Use Facebook Ad Library?

First of all, the Ad Library is very easy to use. Facebook did its best to make it within reach to provide access to anybody on ad information even if they’ve never managed a Business account or used Facebook at all.

1. Open the Facebook Ad Library

In order to have access to the Facebook Ad Library type into your browser. When you enter the link page, it will appear as a regular search engine. Guarantee that you have selected the accurate country in the top right corner of your screen before doing anything else.

2. Select Your Category

Use Facebook Ad Library
Use Facebook Ad Library

It is important to pick a specific category when you look up an ad beforehand. There are solely two categories; Facebook has divided issues, elections, and political ads from the other ads. That’s why, to search for a commercial ad, click on “Search all“.

3. Search For Brands

In order to discover the ad you’re searching for, write the name of the company or brand that is operating it. For instance, to find an Amazon ad, you can write ‘’Amazon’’ into the search bar which will put forward all the pages with related texts.

Then, you can click on the page that you’re searching for, and it will put forward all the related ads that the brand is running.

4. Click On Particular Ads

Facebook Ad Library Benefits
Facebook Ad Library

When you have selected a page and put forward all their ads, you can select ‘’See Ad Details’’ under separate ads to view more information. This contains the start date for the ad, the platforms the ad is on such as Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, or Audience Network as well as if the ad has various editions operating.

5. Filters

Download Video From Facebook Ad Library
Download Video From Facebook Ad Library

While you look up a company or brand name and put forward their ads, you can utilize specific filters to improve your search. The filters are mainly for Platform, Country, and Impressions.

Country, the first filter, can be utilized to select which country you’d like to view ads for. This tab will introduce you to all the countries that the page presently has ads running for, and you can select a particular one.

Platform, the second filter, is where you will select which Facebook product you’d like to see the ads for. For instance, if you’re searching for an ad that you saw on Instagram, you could select “Instagram” in this tab to downsize the results.

Finally, you are able to filter the ads by impressions. An impression stands for when an ad has been displayed. You can use this filter to view which ads have obtained impressions throughout a particular period of time.

These are very estimable information to improve your marketing and to see when your competitors are selecting to operate ads and which platforms they are paying particular attention to.

Benefits Of The Facebook Ad Library

A useful resource for advertisers, marketers, and media professionals is the Facebook Ad Library. Understanding the variety of ads that a corporation runs on Facebook and Instagram is made simpler by the Facebook ad library. You can also get extra targeting data for ads related to social problems, elections, or politics. Let’s explore some of the key benefits in detail.

1. Transparency

The Facebook Ad Library promotes transparency by providing access to a large variety of ads from various advertisers. This transparency fosters trust among users and allows businesses to showcase their advertising efforts openly.

2. Competitive Analysis

Gain a competitive edge by analyzing your competitors’ ads. The Facebook Ad Library allows you to view the ads run by other businesses in your industry, providing valuable insights into their strategies, messaging, and creative executions. This competitive analysis allows you to improve your own advertising campaigns and stay ahead of the curve.

3. Market Insights

Stay informed about emerging trends and shifts in consumer preferences with the Facebook Ad Library. By exploring the ads running in your industry or niche, you can gain valuable market insights and identify opportunities for innovation and growth.

4. Inspiration

Find inspiration for your own advertising campaigns by browsing through the diverse range of ads available in the Facebook Ad Library. Whether it’s discovering creative storytelling techniques or innovative ad formats, exploring ads from different brands can spark new ideas and strategies for your marketing initiatives.

How To Download Video From Facebook Ad Library?

You must first have access to the library of ads. To find the ad you want, you must next specify your area and add a category. In order to get better results, you can choose All countries for the location and All Ads for the category. After entering the brand or the term, you must use the filters option to get more specific results. You can only see video ads if you go to the filters page and change the media type to Videos.

When you right-click on the video, the customary pop-up will appear. When the “save video as” option is chosen, the Save As dialog box appears.

Top 4 Strategies For Marketers Using Facebook Ad Library

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how to use the Ad Library, there are also some strategy recommendations for marketing leaders and managers.

Take Inspiration

Pay close attention to the Facebook Ad Library for a swift amount of creativity if you’re faced with an advertiser’s drawback. You may search several competitors and peek in at the images, graphics, and videos they are bringing out to aid you produce your own persuasive ads. Heads up, it is always better to stay original!

Write Notes On What Comes In Useful

Supposing that your competitor is having prospering monthly achievements, you may look up their ads to view how they’re gaining their audience. Write your notes on the content they’re producing and which time they are doing it by utilizing the Ad Library’s filters, and implement prospering strategies for your own advertisement.

Uncover New Clients

One method to utilize Facebook Ad Library is to seek out for what isn’t there. Let’s assume there’s a small business that you are a major fan of and you look them up on the Ad Library but view that they are not using Facebook ads. This is a chance for your business to aim at and remind them what you can do for their business. You may, in fact, use the Ad Library to present them with what their competitors are producing to persuade them.

Trends always undergo changes and while some of them are extremely prospering, the other ones fall short of goals. One method to keep up with trends you should be giving your attention to in your campaign is through the Facebook Ad Library reports. For instance, if you realize a standard of comparison among a pair of your competitors, you can try those trends for your own business.


But if you don’t have enough time or you’re having difficulty managing hundreds of competitors’ ads, you can leave the work to us! Thanks to WASK, you can create and follow your Facebook ad accounts faster and connect all your ad accounts to WASK with just one click. You can find your competitors’ ads and audience with WASK’s Smart Audience feature. It’s possible to see your competitor’s monthly traffic and sources.

WASK Smart Target Audience Banner

Searching the Ad Library

Go to to access the Ad Library.
Pick a country.
Select All ads from the Ad category dropdown menu.
Enter your search term in the search bar.
To view additional details about an ad, select See ad details.

These advertisers’ ads can be hidden, and you can see which ones you’ve already blocked. On Facebook, tap on the top right corner. After selecting Settings & Privacy, scroll down and tap Settings. Tap Ad Preferences after scrolling down.

If your target demographic doesn’t have 1,000 active users, your Facebook advertising won’t appear. There are several ways that this can be taking place: There aren’t enough users in the targeted criteria you’ve selected. In an effort to be effective, you are excluding almost the whole audience.

The accuracy of the Facebook ad library can vary, but it generally provides a reasonably accurate overview of the ads and ad spending by advertisers on the platform. However, it may not always capture every single ad or provide all the details about an advertiser’s campaigns.

No, the Facebook Ad Library does not show all ads, as some ads may not be included or fully disclosed in the library due to various factors, including privacy settings and ad campaign choices made by advertisers.

  1. Create a Facebook Developer account and app.
  2. Configure permissions and get an access token.
  3. Make HTTP requests to the API endpoints.
  4. Handle API responses and errors.
  5. Stay updated with Facebook’s documentation and policies.

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