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10 Google Ads Mistakes To Avoid

Google Ads mistakes can occur because it is difficult to keep up with its characteristics. Here are 10 common Google Ads mistakes you should watch out for. While each Google Ads account has its own characteristics and challenges, you can prevent Google ad campaign mistakes. These issues can range from sloppy data output to thousands of dollars wasted as a result of a deceptive Google Ads setup.

Even though they might not be account killers on their own, there are usually several going on at once. These problems frequently overlap, leading to outcomes that fall well short of what they could or ought to be. We’ll try to explain the biggest Google Ads mistakes listed above in detail.

1. Search Network & Display Network Alternatives

You may select Search Network, Display Network, or both when building search network campaigns. For both networks, you may also include Google search partners. Because click-through rates on the Display Network are notoriously poor compared to setting up the campaign, uncheck the boxes next to the default search partners and display network. This will prevent one of the Google ad manager mistakes.

Ignoring the need for extensive keyword research is one of the most frequent and potentially dangerous PPC mistakes you can make. It is not acceptable to choose keywords based on what you think others are searching for or what you would search for yourself. To locate the appropriate and pertinent keywords for your account, it is essential to use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner.

In addition to keyword research, you should always choose the appropriate match type for your keywords; in approximately 90% of situations, you should steer clear of the broad match option. They are frequently just a waste of time because they will generate a lot of unrelated traffic, which will increase your prices and CPA while lowering the rank of your entire account.

Of course, you should create certain ad groups that focus on particular landing pages and contain unique search phrases. Spread your keywords across your ad groups as you see fit, rather than using them all in one group. Choose the appropriate keywords and match types since quality clicks are far more significant than quantity.

3. Lack of Conversion Testing Optimization

Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

The common Google ads mistakes you should stop is a lack of conversion testing optimization. How many advertising campaigns are still created without using conversion testing is astonishing. Without this, you won’t be able to state with any confidence how much it costs you to get a lead from a campaign or make a sale, which keywords are generating sales and which aren’t, and so on.

Making the most of your money by optimizing your Ads campaign for conversions is a certain approach to increasing ROI. Conversions may be found under Settings > Measurement. Then, based on the actions users take on your platform, be sure to include every conceivable conversion activity.

Depending on your product or service, some conversion action examples are:

  • Sale
  • Submitting a form
  • Sending an email
  • Making a call
  • Newsletter signup
  • Downloading an electronic file (e.g., app, ebook)

Google Ads was created to be a source of leads and sales, but you can’t do this without optimizing your campaign for conversions. So, set up as many conversion actions as possible.

4. Not Experimenting with Bidding Options

Finding the best bid strategy for you may seem like a difficult chore with so many options in 2022. That’s why it’s one of the mistakes people tend to make with Google Ads. To choose the one that best suits your needs, you should test at least a few. Although the majority of sophisticated advertisers favor manual CPC, some advertisers favor maximizing conversions or improving CPC.

Long-term, manual CPC gives you more control over your offers. However, you might choose an improved CPC or maximum clicks if you only intend to test out a campaign for one or two weeks. These bidding tactics enable Google to obtain the most number of clicks at the lowest cost.

Aiming for CPA and targeting ROAS are the two bid techniques you should concentrate on. You may set your bids using these two bid techniques to achieve your optimum cost per action or return on ad spend. In other words, it will allow you to spend the ideal amount on advertising to optimize your return on investment.

There is no one-size-fits-all method of bidding, so experiment with several methods to discover your sweet spot.

Google Ad Campaign Mistakes

The first thing to take into account is the region you cover. To avoid making the same Google Ads mistakes if you have a local business, such as a restaurant, you should only run ads in your immediate vicinity or perhaps in a new place where you want to gain market share. It’s a good idea to test a bigger geographic region for firms that don’t have this same consideration.

With this strategy, you may examine your ad effectiveness by city or town and make some calls once you have sufficient data to work with. For instance, you could discover that one city’s cost or conversion is lower than another, leading you to adjust your spending for the more costly place while increasing it for the other.

Or you can discover that the majority of leads or sales for a service you are presently promoting come from a small number of important cities, which would be a sign to modify your bids and campaigns. To determine where you can generate leads and sales at the lowest cost, test several locations.

6. Only Producing One Ad Variation

One ad per ad group or one ad with just one variant is more Google Ads mistakes to avoid. Create many ad versions for each ad group if you want to increase your conversion rate and save on expenditures.

It’s crucial to have numerous ad versions and try them out to see which one converts better, even if you utilize an identical headline or description. You can stop the other ads after you’ve found a winner and make a slightly modified version of it. After that, you may carry on split testing.

To identify the ROI “sweet spot,” your campaign needs to undergo much testing and fine-tuning. You rarely witness a campaign that gets off to a flying start, producing leads or sales left, right, and center from day one. Per ad group, aim for a minimum of 2 (3 is best) ad copies.

In addition, although there is no different ad variation, advertising on different platforms is also important for conversion. In this topic, we encourage you to learn how to connect Facebook to Instagram.

7. Lack of Negative Keywords

Same Google Ads Mistakes Negative

At the very least, based on your search term statistics, you’ll need to expand your negative keyword list every week to avoid making a Google Ads mistake.

Start by compiling a typical list of negative keywords using tools such as Uber Suggest and Google recommendations. You may also get a comprehensive list of negative keywords on some websites, which you should start implementing right away. These keywords will help you attract more quality leads and eliminate queries that are not likely to convert, which will save you a ton of money on Google Ads.

Find the precise search phrases people use to reach your advertising by going to Search Terms in the Keywords tab once this initial list has been posted. You’re likely to come across terms that have no bearing on your campaign; as soon as you do, add them to your list of negative keywords. Having a strong negative keyword list is crucial for several reasons, aside from increasing your prices.

Start with a list of at least 50–100 negative keywords and keep iterating on it based on real search term data.

8. Lack of Extensions

By utilizing the power of extensions, Google has made it simple for you to develop correctly optimized advertising and increase the number of qualified visitors to your website. Your ads can now contain additional details to help them stand out from the competition, and it’s an important step in ensuring you don’t make one of the Google Ads mistakes.

Ad extensions may be a very powerful tool for increasing clickthrough rates. Site link extensions, which display various connections to your website and direct visitors to pertinent sites, are something you may install. Callout extensions allow you to display some of your unique selling propositions. Other helpful asset types are pricing extensions, location extensions, message extensions, and structured snippet extensions.

It’s essential to employ call extensions or message extensions when marketing to mobile clients. In essence, you may allow mobile consumers to call or message you directly from their phones.

You should keep in mind that you do not influence how extensions will look. The extensions that show and for which adverts are decided by Google. Your final objective is to sometimes glance at the extensions tab to see which extensions perform better. The ones that don’t convert can then be put on hold or changed for a better version. Create as many ad extensions as you can; the more space your ads occupy, the greater their CTRs.

9. Lack of Experiments

Unfortunately, fewer marketers take advantage of Google Ads’ Experiments feature because it’s a hidden treasure. However, this hidden treasure will keep you away from a significant Google Ads mistake. In essence, it enables you to do split tests to identify a more effective variable. You may experiment with different keywords, match kinds, landing sites, ads, and just about everything else.

You may restrict the risks and the possibilities for rewards are considerably bigger since you can choose the precise quantity of traffic you want to direct to each trial. Try some trials; your business will be glad you did!

10. Lack of Revisiting Asset

Lack of Revisiting Asset Biggest Mistake

The revisit asset is a pretty important element in PPC campaigns. This feature keeps users coming back to your website and makes it easier for users who have visited before to come back to your site. However, if this feature isn’t used, one of the Google Ads mistakes will be made, and some of your potential customers may be lost.

With this feature, it is possible to divide your users into different target groups. This means: targeting users who visit your website but don’t make a purchase. So using the revisit Asset gives you a chance to win back inclined customers and saves you from making another Google Ads mistake!

WASK Ad Manager Banner

With measures such as keyword research, choosing interesting ad headlines and text, placing tracking codes and conversion pixels correctly, and managing the ad budget correctly, you’ll be able to avoid making any mistakes in Google Ads.

One of the biggest impacts of Google Ads errors is the misuse of tracking codes. So we can give an example of this lack of negative keywords. Because this error serves to measure and optimize ad performance.

Perhaps the most important Google Ads error is not violating the ad policy. What you should pay attention to is usually violence, illegal content such as drugs, and incitement to them. If you have such a campaign, you should reorganize it.

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