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15 Of The Best Call To Action Examples for 2023

In this article, we’ll try to create a tiny call to action examples library. If you’re not happy with the conversion rate on your ads and are looking for a more creative CTA example, this post will be useful to you.

Many brands that share the same journey as you have achieved success in their advertising campaigns over time. You can examine the call to action examples in the advertisements of these companies that are in the same sector or not and adapt them to yourself.

What Is A Call To Action?

This concept is the key to convincing your potential customers to take action and be part of your journey.

What examples of call to action have in common; they can convince the potential customer to make the move (click/review/purchase, etc.) that will convince them to go to the intended page/product?

You can achieve successful conversion rates by testing the referral buttons in your ad campaign with a call to action essay examples!

Facebook Ad CTAs Example

Due to its ability to reach a large percentage of the human population, Facebook is known as an indispensable platform in the advertising world. We recommend you look at the call to action conclusion examples that you can creatively make use of this platform to your advantage.

In a few advertising examples that we will list below; You will see “now” call-to-action speech examples made for the user.


Outreach Facebook Ad CTAs Example

“The ultimate guide to successful email prospecting free.” the message is very clear. With content upgrade call to action examples such as “Read More” and “Download”, the reader is directed to take a step.


Casper CTAs Example

As you can see in this ad, the content is calling the consumer to take action. By saying “last call”, he warns that his time is limited and that he will never find the opportunity offered at the moment again.

By specifying the features of the product and the discount rate, the intended message is clearly given and the “Shop Now” button aims to take action for the consumer.


Target FB CTAs Example

Target, the popular grocery chain, is calling on its customers by giving them deadlines. The sentence “Don’t miss out!”, motivates the consumer to get up from the seat they are sitting in. At the same time, it gives the message that it is thinking about the budget of its consumer, telling them to save. It directs the consumer who is wondering how to save money with the “Read More” button.

Instagram Ad CTAs Example

If we examine social media calls to action examples; Instagram, one of the platforms that appeal to visual stimulators of advertising campaigns the most, is a market where you can see call to action Instagram examples.

One of the advantages of Instagram being built on visuality is that it automatically creates buttons that will match the visual colors of your ad. Thus, in addition to your call to action, it is possible to capture an aesthetic appearance with your button colors!


Spotify Instagram Ad CTAs Example

As in our example, Instagram doesn’t offer a single form for ads. More varieties are at hand. Whether you create posts, reels, or stories, you can take action for the user. Stories offer you buttons such as “Swipe Up”, “Sign Up”, and “Read More” and allow you to review without leaving the platform.

Spotify uses all these forms of advertising and takes steps to build loyalty to the brand by saying that it will provide free service for a certain period in addition to call to action examples.

Google Ad CTAs Example

Google CTAs are one of the platforms where you can use them most effectively. Because when you show your advertising campaign to your potential customer with a word written on the search engine, you are visible to people with high intentions. You can use this visibility; You can increase your traffic/sales with the call to action button examples such as “call”, and “see price”.


Godaddy Google Ad CTAs Example

With the call “Register your domain now!”, Godaddy warns his potential customer to take action.


Grammarly Google CTAs Example

Grammarly is a grammar editing tool that stays away from slogans that can be boring. “Read More” uses a pattern that will grab the user’s attention and get to know me. The CTA buttons of such ads also carry the claim that after attracting the user’s attention, they will give him what he is looking for.


AliExpress Google Ad CTAs Example

AliExpress clearly explains that it is a site for online shopping in the advertisement and adds buttons that can be directly passed to the purchase process. Thus, it leads you to effortless shopping. It does not forget to squeeze into its advertisement that it is a site with various opportunities and agreements.

Email Call To Action Examples

If you’d like to see a call to action definition example for email ads; we will advise you to browse through your emails. Many companies and brands advertise via email to all users whose mailing addresses they know. Advertisements made; includes call to action email examples that appeal to the senses for a variety of purposes.


Amazon Email Call To Action Examples

With email marketing, Amazon offers you an ad full of stimuli that are both detailed and descriptive and not boring. It promises how close you are to a profitable deal. Moreover, he does not forget to remind you that you have limited time for this profitable deal.

By placing CTA buttons under attention-grabbing messages such as “Free” and “Big saving”, he directs his customers to stay in touch.


Email Call To Action Examples

Zoom invites you to “discover” by noting the versatility of the service it provides with this ad.


Email CTA Examples

In this ad, we can see a mold created figuratively according to familiar CTA examples. The brand invites its customer to hunt. Because there is a forest full of discounts, and by clicking on it you can enter this forest and make a profit (catch your prey).

Website Call To Action Examples

One of the ways to move your potential customers is to ensure the quality of the message content of your website and the ads you direct to your website and be remarkable. Users who come to your website from your ads should come across call-to-action phrases examples. Convincing the intended user is a few words away!

Coca Cola

Coca Cola Website CTA Example

Coca Cola, known for its successful advertising on many platforms and countries; this time on the website, he urges his client to share. With a sharing activity that the consumer will not remain indifferent to, it turns a simple “beverage consumption” event into an important and mass event.

He does this with a great call to action examples in his ad. First, he envies you with the feeling that “each bottle will be a witness to a moment” and then invites you to this event with the “Find your lyric” button.


Google CTA Example

Google, which offers an offer to the user on its website and crowns this attractive offer with the “Start Now” button, exhibits the call to action example quite clearly.


Call To Action Examples

Grammarly, an example of which we have seen before, to the user who visits the website; promises convenience, accuracy, and effectiveness. By putting the “Read More” button on the back burner, it offers the user to visit the free service with the “Add to Chrome its free” button.


Wask CTA Ad Example

As WASK, a SaaS software that we have developed intending to produce solutions to the needs of many users; on our website, we promise our users “professional management for advertising campaigns”. With the “Try For Free” button, we invite the user to try our service by giving our call to action!

E-commerce Call To Action Examples

Examples of calls to action can serve many purposes. For example, the human resources departments of institutions can use this advertising method for recruitment, while non-governmental organizations can use this advertising method to convey their social messages. But the most common use is seen in the advertisements of e-commerce brands. If you’re an e-commerce company, you can use these types of CTA copy examples:

  • Limited production
  • Try for free (Free trial call to action example)
  • Don’t miss the opportunity!
  • Buy now!


Amazon, a global e-commerce company, understandably states that its user “needs help with Amazon ads” and creates solutions to this. While meeting this need, it promises that the user will be quite profitable and highlights the activating “Get A Quote” button in its ad.

WASK Smart Advices Banner

You can get the call to action examples in persuasive writing. For example;

  • Click here for a free consultation!
  • Limited edition!
  • Click here and get a 20% off coupon.
  • 10% off your first order.

If your call-to-action example is offensive, misleading, over-selective, irrelevant, or ambiguous, it’s a false message. For example; If the “Free Trial” button and the “Get 10% discount coupon by clicking” button are in the same advertisement, your potential customer may be confused.

Visual stimuli, of course, will be effective for the stimulated. But it also depends on the context and topic of your ad or the text within the ad. Visual stimuli are varied, and the visuals that can be added to the ad will vary according to the profile of customers in your industry.

Naturally! If you have done the necessary research to know your target audience, and if you know which need/needs your product and service meet, you will be able to create your message by looking at examples.

Gizem Çelik

Gizem is a Content Writer at WASK; she loves to write and teach with her writings. Since meeting WASK, she has been so excited about writing on digital marketing and technology! Her passions other than writing are: acting, playing sports, singing, dancing and reading/learning new things!

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