Facebook Changed its Campaign Objectives with ODAX

Facebook Changed its Campaign Objectives with ODAX4 min read

Facebook has decided to make waves, announcing that it will be changing its campaign objectives in the new year; massive change to expect in 2022.

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While the digital marketing ecosystem is ever-evolving, causing marketers and advertisers alike to adapt on a frequent basis, the end of the year tends to slow down such innovation, allowing those involved to take a step back, evaluate the year’s successes and failures, and prepare for the new year to come.

On the contrary, Facebook, now known as Meta, has decided to make waves at year-end, announcing that it will be changing its campaign objectives in the new year; yet another massive change to expect in 2022.

Luckily, while this may be a major change to some, the good news is that its primary objective is to ease complexity and make ad creation a more enjoyable, streamlined, and understandable process. That said, this Ads Manager overhaul announced by Facebook should be a welcomed shift towards new and improved interfaces and hopefully better outcomes!

What follows will be a discussion surrounding this announcement by Facebook. More specifically, we’ll outline what ODAX is, and what terms can be expected under this new change to campaign objectives, both for businesses, marketers, and advertisers alike.

Let’s jump right into it…

What is ODAX?

Largely in tandem with Facebook’s historic name change to Meta, they too have decided to change their campaign objectives with ODAX. What’s ODAX, you ask? Great question…

In short, ODAX stands for Outcome-Based Ad Experience, a new and improved Ads Manager that allows users to choose their campaign outcome; whether that be Awareness, Engagement, Traffic, Leads, Promotion, or Sales. If you’re any bit familiar with the current interface, you likely recognize that this is a consolidation of the 11 objectives down to a specific six (6).

While these outcomes are nothing new, the system itself is, helping users to more easily curate effective campaigns, scale success, and reduce complexity based on widely used marketing concepts. The ultimate objective of this new change is to streamline the ad setup process for everybody, and we believe it will do just that!

Now that you have a better understanding of ODAX, let’s dive a little deeper into the change itself, shall we?!

What is ODAX

The Purpose of Campaign Objectives Changes

As outlined above, the primary reason for this change and consolidation of objectives is to streamline the ad setup process for everybody. While this is a worthy reason alone, there are several other reasons for this purposeful shift by Facebook (or Meta).

In short, the following is an outlined summary of the reasons behind this change. The purpose can really be narrowed down to three reasons:

  1. To simplify the objectives in order to match more broadly to marketing best practices
  2. To enable cross-channel campaigns for both websites and applications
  3. To more clearly guide marketers and advertisers during the campaign ad setup

Outcome-driven advertising is the new way of online advertising, suggested by Meta and proven in practice to be the most effective campaign curation strategy available. Not only does it allow for more logical decisions to be made during the development of such campaigns but it also makes for a more accessible and understandable process of doing so.

Incoming a New Age of Advertising

While major players like Facebook and Google are constantly innovating, introducing new features and eliminating old ones, this change by Facebook (Meta) might just be the most logical and though-out…

Because the digital world is so heavily reliant on digital ads, the ecosystem of advertising needed to improve. By reducing fragmentation, difficulty, and complexity, digital ads can now be adapted and made more effective than any other ad that has come before them.

Thanks to ODAX and Facebook’s new Ad Manager system, the new age of advertising is here. Expect this change to be implemented gradually throughout 2022, starting with its changes to the API beginning mid January!

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