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How To Choose The Best Facebook Ad Campaign Objective?

Are your Facebook ads objectives wrong? Can you get better results with a different objective? This post will show you how to choose the ideal Facebook ad campaign goals that will help you achieve your company goal, and what to do if you choose the wrong goal first. Because you can find a few ways to suit you on this journey, but knowing the unsuitable paths will take you further.

Facebook uses the information it consistently provides about users’ activity, interests, and behavior to deliver the most relevant ads to them. Facebook can understand what you want people to do with your campaign goal.

The best Facebook ad objective for sales is not to choose the wrong campaign target. Because Facebook may show your ads to the wrong users at the wrong time. The various ad goals and when to use them are listed below.

What are Facebook Ad Objectives?

Choosing Facebook Campaign Objective

Your objective gives you information about your Facebook ad objectives and the action you want viewers to take after seeing your ad. The algorithm will show your ads to your audience members who are most likely to take this action based on this information. For example, if you choose the Traffic objective, Facebook will prioritize serving your ads to your target market’s link clickers.

Facebook campaign objectives are explained, and Facebook Business Manager has 11 different campaign types, but basically, there are 3 different Facebook campaign objectives: Awareness, consideration, and conversion.

These are called awareness, assessment, and conversion campaigns. So, how do you choose the right one?

Awareness Objectives for Facebook Ads

The goal of the awareness campaign is to increase your brand awareness with the name. Here, sales and marketing objectives are not primarily directed. The primary goal is to make our brand known, examined by people, and create brand awareness.

Brand Awareness Campaign Objective

For Facebook ad targets, the campaign’s brand awareness goal maximizes impressions. So Facebook will show your ads to those who are most likely to know your company. To get the most precise statistics on ad recall, you need to do a brand-lift study. That’s why larger businesses with more resources and tools to track their impact are more likely to benefit from brand awareness initiatives.

If you want to create a memorable brand and have the tools to evaluate ad recall growth, the Brand Awareness objective is a good choice. So create a campaign in that direction and reach campaign objective.

Consideration of Facebook Ad Objectives

Consideration of Facebook objectives accompanies your brand’s journey to reach potential customers. The aim here is; to reach your potential customers and get them to think about you.

While the consideration campaign provides information about your products and services, it attracts potential customers and influences their intentions toward your brand.

Traffic Campaign Objective

In the traffic campaign type, the goal is to direct people who are interested in your brand to your website .If you have a website and the Facebook pixel code has been added to your website, I recommend running traffic ads from FB ad objectives. Thanks to traffic ads, you can show your ads to people who are most likely to visit your website.

In this way, you also accumulate data for remarketing audiences by increasing website traffic. Evaluation campaigns are unlikely to bring sales/conversions. In other words, conversion should not be targeted with traffic ads.

Engagement Campaign Objective

Engagement Campaign Objective

You can use interactive ads to increase post likes, comments, and shares on the ads you want to boost. Engagement ads bring your ad campaigns to people who are likely to interact with your posts from the audience you set. If your main goal for your Facebook ad objectives is to increase engagement, choose the engagement objective. Facebook will only show your ads to the audience members most likely to interact with them.

App Installs Campaign Objective

App Installs Campaign Objective

App installs are the type of Facebook ad objectives you should use for your mobile apps. For example, if you have a mobile app, you can use this campaign model to get your app installed. App installs Facebook pixel code and the required events must be installed in your mobile app to make a measurable run on the campaign model.

In this campaign model, the algorithm shows your ads to people who are most likely to install your mobile app among the target audience set. Thus, there is also a rapid increase in the number of mobile app installs.

Video Views Campaign Objective

Video Views Campaign Objective

The video views campaign model delivers your video ads to people who have the highest potential to watch your video for the longest time among the target audience identified. If you have released a new video clip or want a project trailer video to be seen by your target audience, you can use this campaign type. Here, the algorithm shows your ads to people who have a higher tendency to watch videos from the target audience you’ve specified.

The Video Views objective should only be selected if your main purpose is to attract people to view the video without taking any further action (like making a purchase) thereafter. Keep in mind that you may utilize video creative with the majority of Facebook ad objectives.

Lead Generation Campaign Objective

Lead Generation Campaign Objective

The Facebook & Instagram campaign model is one of the most expensive advertising models among all campaign models. In this advertising model, the main goal is to collect contact information from people with a higher interest in your services.

In other words, thanks to this campaign model, you can reach people with a higher potential for interest in your services and collect the contact information of these people such as phone number, email, etc. so that you can turn them into paying customers. This campaign model is often used extensively in education, health, beauty, insurance, real estate, consulting, etc. industries.

Your Facebook ad can include a contact form if you select lead generation from Facebook ad objectives. If you need more information from the potential customer, you can modify the form to include more qualified questions.

Messages Campaign Objectives

The Messages campaign’s aim may be quite useful if your main goal is to engage people in discussion in Instagram Direct or Messenger. Based on their past interactions with you, Facebook will display your advertising to users who are most inclined to message you.

It’s important to choose the right Facebook ad objectives to let the user know you’ll be talking to them and to express your situation succinctly. Because clicking the ad may startle consumers who are not used to this form of ad and cause them to think it is spammy, this is why.

If you want customers to have the chance to communicate with you or ask questions before making a purchase or moving forward with working with you, the Messages aim is a fantastic choice. 

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Conversion Facebook Ad Objectives

Conversion Facebook Ad Objectives

Conversions are often the greatest target to start with if your aim is to attract visitors who will perform a certain activity on your website, such as adding items to a basket, signing up for your newsletter, or completing a purchase.

To create a conversions campaign, you must:

  • Your website should be equipped with the Facebook pixel.
  • On your website, install the Conversions API.
  • Check the website’s domain name.
  • Make your event configurations in Events Manager.

You may select to optimize for the conversion events that are most relevant to your objective at the ad set level, and Facebook will display your ads to the users in your target audience who are most likely to take that action. If, for instance, increasing sales is your main purpose, select Conversions from the objectives of Facebook optimized for buying.

Conversion Campaign Objective

You can use this campaign model to increase conversions on your website. To use the conversions model, you need to install events and custom conversions as well as have the Facebook pixel code attached to the site.

The conversions model shows your ads to people who are likely to bring you conversions from the target audience you specify. In this way, you can market your products or consultations.

Catalog Sales Campaign Objective

Catalog sales is a campaign model that can be used for e-commerce sites, vehicle and residential sales, and hotel booking sites. Thanks to the catalog, you can import products from your website into the business Manager panel by creating a feed and showing products from your catalog according to your created target audience.

Thanks to catalog ads, you can show your ads to users who have a higher tendency to purchase your products from the target audience you have identified.

For example, you can add a product to a cart and dynamically show ads for the product groups you specify to people who leave the site without buying it. This is one of the most commonly used types of Facebook ad objectives.

If a person enters your site and adds a bag to the cart and leaves the site without buying, you can repeatedly show your bag models in front of that person with catalog ads with sponsored posts. If you have a shopping event conversion installed on your site, if you have selected shopping in the optimization section, the probability that these people will purchase your products will increase.

Store Traffic Campaign Objective

Store traffic objectives from Facebook ad objectives, the aim may be particularly successful if you have many brick-and-mortar locations and want to increase foot traffic. You must add all of your retail locations and the hours they are open to Facebook before you can utilize this aim.

People within a certain radius will see advertising for the closest location on Facebook; this radius can be manually or automatically configured under your store settings.

This goal is for companies with several locations. If you simply have one business, you might want to use the Reach aim to connect with your neighborhood’s target market.

WASK Ad Manager Banner

The best marketing objective for Facebook ads is directly related to the audience your brand is targeting. To decide what to choose, you must first figure out what you should not choose. Because you will always have a few campaign options suitable for your purpose. If you monitor this over time, it will be easier for you to decide what is best.

When you want to promote your brand, when you want more user interaction, when you want to increase sales and conversions, when you want to increase website traffic, what you need to use are campaign objectives. Facebook will offer you many suitable options for this.

Yes, it is possible! You can make this change even if you’ve already created your ad campaign. But this can hurt your campaign. That’s why you should analyze your ad thoroughly and review your budget. If you see that there is no problem while optimizing all this, but rather that it will be useful, you change Facebook ad objective.

The Facebook ad goal has a direct impact on ad optimization. Because whichever goal you’ve chosen, your campaign will be shown to audiences based on that goal (for example, you have an engagement goal, your ad will be optimized to get engagement). So set the right campaign objective.

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