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With the Google Ads search terms report, you can see which keywords trigger your ad campaigns and optimize accordingly.

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As you know by now, keywords are the backbone of a solid SEO strategy and a digital marketing/advertising campaign in general. By understanding the quality of your keyword strategy and getting better keywords recommended and other keywords to avoid applying to your ad, you’ll naturally perform better, drive more conversions, and ultimately take your online business to new heights.

Luckily, the Google Ads search terms report can help. You can use the search terms report to understand how and how campaigns are triggered over actual searches.

What Is the Search Terms Report?

A search term report is a useful feature provided to you in Google Ads Manager. It’s a tool that allows you to better plan your keyword strategy, improve targeting, and review relevant keyword searches that your audience enters into the search engine that triggered your ad to show.

Why Is Search Terms Report Important?

All of the words entered into the Search Network directly affect advertising campaigns. Each word has a search volume, which is one of the main factors that make campaigns more searchable and clickable. Knowing this system of the Google advertising platform is important for success to review and optimize campaigns. You can do this by using a Google Ads search term report.

Using Search Term Report to Find Positive Keyword Ideas

The most effective and efficient way to discover both negative and positive keywords is through the search query in Google’s Search Term Reports.

Also you can use WASK free keyword research tool to find more keywords.

Simply put, the search terms report shows you in real-time the relevant keywords that were actually used and that triggered your ad to show. Just sort the report by impressions, click-through rates, or conversion rates and scan the list.

If you see keywords that you’d definitely like to continue ranking for, take that as a positive keyword. However, if you come across keywords that trigger your ad, but wish they didn’t, consider those negative keywords.

Once you’ve discovered negative keywords and positive keyword ideas, all you need to do is apply them to your ad text. Not only will this save you a ton of money, but it will also encourage more profits, more visibility, and higher-quality viewers.

Manage Your Keywords Based on Search Terms Report

Search Terms Report

Before we continue, below is a step-by-step instruction on how to use the Google search terms report and start finding positive and negative keyword ideas. View data for your search terms by following the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Log in to the account you’ve created in Google Ads.
  2. You will see the “Keywords” on the left of the page, click on it.
  3. In this section, you will see the “Negative Keywords” tab, click on the “Keywords” section right next to it.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you can use, save, and download your report for optimization as desired. Or, if you want to view periodically, adjust the dates and modify your report. Now all that’s left is to start implementing the positive and negative keywords you’ve discovered so you can start showing your ad to your desired audience.

Benefits of Using Search Term Reports in Google Ads

Every advertising campaign you run using the Google advertising platform, and especially PPC marketing campaigns, has a direct impact on ROI by being triggered by keywords. The success of an advertising campaign depends on these and similar factors. It is also a way to deliver advertising campaigns to the right target audience.

It will definitely help if you direct the advertising budget to the right place, but the budget is not the only benefit. You lay the foundation for a user-friendly system. Because by taking advantage of the search terms report, you will speed up and facilitate the search experiences of your customers and potential customers. After this experience, it is also easier for you to get new content ideas for your campaigns.

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You should use search terms data to help you move up by evaluating performance from ad campaigns.

Log in to the Google Ads account, click “Campaigns.” View it in the “Statistics & Reports” section, and download the search terms report if necessary.

Determining a match type is a process based on word variations. So which match types (exact, phrase, broad) will have an impact on your campaign will depend on the word. For example, if the order is important, it means that you must use sequential matching.

The search terms report consists of the targeting of words entered into the search engine by the advertiser, while the other refers to the volume of words generated by all users of these keywords.

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