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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads 2023

The comparison of Facebook ads vs. Google ads requires significant analysis in creating every ad campaign. Because every brand has to know on which platform the ad will benefit the brand and that it can get conversions with more effective ads.

Let’s learn how to correctly analyze your path to create advertising campaigns better for your brand!

How Do Google vs Facebook Advertising Platforms Work?

Facebook marketing vs Google marketing is two types of marketing that take place on two different advertising platforms. They both have their characteristics and operate in different ways.

But in the end, the goal of both is to achieve the goal of your campaign: to ensure that you reach your target audience while advertising your brand, and to promote your products and services to these audiences in the right way.

  • While Google determines its purpose based on SEO based on the needs of user searches, FB achieves its purpose by using the interests and general features of the user. They create these campaigns and control their budgets, targeting, and content.
  • Facebook, on the other hand; is designed to advertise on Facebook and other platforms connected to the Facebook network. On these platforms, the advertiser is targeted to the shape of users’ behavior, interests, and related ads clicked on, and can show users the ad accordingly. Again, as with Google, advertisers pay per click or impression, controlling the campaign budget and goals.

Are Google Ads Or Facebook Ads Better For Your Ad Strategy?

The Google ads vs FB ads comparison varies for each business and its strategies. For example; some types of businesses focus on the user’s search and search and purchase as a result of the search.

For these types of businesses, Google Ads makes sense. However, some businesses take advantage of passive impressions and want the user to see the ad in line with their interest and turn to the brand with intention, even if they are not searching. In such cases, FB Ads will be a much more useful platform. 

Do you serve based on needs or interest-oriented requests? What is the place of your industry in the market? The answer to these questions can help you reach logical conclusions in terms of the first step. In other words, being able to determine exactly what your purpose is when creating your advertising campaign will make it easier for you to choose.

6 Key Differences Between Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Differences Between FB Ads and Google Ads

While both platforms have a lot of business-facilitating features for your business’s advertising campaigns, there are areas where they have disadvantages. If you are wondering which one would be more useful for your ads, and what is the difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads, this headline is suitable for you!

The main point of the Facebook Ads vs Google Ads comparison is these 6 points:

  1. Cost and ROI
  2. Audience Size
  3. Buyer Intent
  4. Ad Formats
  5. Targeting Options
  6. Campaign Features

1. Cost and ROI In Google Ads vs Facebook Ad

Google ads vs Facebook ads cost varies a lot because there are so many factors within campaign creation strategies. Google has higher click-through rates while having a higher “cost per click” than Facebook. It’s important to emphasize that it varies depending on industry and campaign intent, but Facebook ads can have higher conversion rates (also due to audience age).

In other words, while Facebook provides you with a return of potential customers, Google allows you to get faster results (make sales) due to high clicks and high customer capture rates.

At this point, we’ll recommend that you consider our previous title, because advertising costs and campaign budget aren’t just a matter of comparison. You should consider pricing and performance data within your industry; competition continues on every platform and you need to make proper planning as you will need to use both platforms.

2. Audience Size In Google Ads vs Facebook Ad

Google ads typically run on search engine results pages (SERPs) or other websites. Because Google reaches the search results of a very large audience, its audience is large and reaches a lot of people. At the same time, competition is high because ads can be displayed in a limited number of ways.

Facebook ads run on Facebook, Instagram, and other apps. Facebook ads, compared to Google ads, reach a larger potential audience and have a positive effect on your awareness rate.

3. Buyer Intent In Facebook Ads vs Google Ad

In terms of buyer intent, Google vs Facebook ads get different conversions. Because Google targets the user with a certain intention and converts them into sales using the current intention.

At Facebook, this process doesn’t focus on the height of buyer intent. It aims to introduce the solution for the need by giving the user the intention.

4. Ad Formats In Google Ads vs Facebook Ad

The format and duration of the ads on the two platforms are also different. Google ads are sometimes based on text, sometimes they come out as a visual. In terms of duration, it is also generally suitable for long-term campaigns.

But on Facebook, these formats have a lot more variety. Visuals appear as videos, stories for different platforms, and sometimes as short forms. The campaign duration will be shorter than Google.

It’s important that you, as a business, understand the importance of online advertising for your advertising campaigns on both platforms. You need to find the right answers to the issue of which platform your campaign objective leads you to.

5. Targeting Options In Facebook Ads vs Google Ad

Facebook ads base their audience on demographics and interests and adjust the audience size more limited and at scale. This is an important way to build brand awareness and brand loyalty to your potential customers.

Google ads, on the other hand, choose certain words that users type into the search engine and direct potential customers to certain platforms by keeping the target audience wide, being hastier to take action. This will give you speed in directing users to the sales result. So Facebook targets the audience, and Google targets the keywords.

6. Campaign Features In Facebook Ads vs Google Ad

Facebook ad networks; consist of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Audience Network platforms. Google, on the other hand; has Google Search, Display Network, Shopping, Remarketing, and Local Service Ads.

You can see features like ad scheduling, automatic budget optimization, remarketing, ads, and more on both platforms. Since Google makes use of keywords, Facebook does not include this feature while hosting the negative keyword feature.

Benefits of Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

Benefits of Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

Throughout our article, we have listed the various features of these two platforms and compared Google ads with Facebook ads. We discovered that both have great properties compared to each other. You must determine your needs in the sectoral sense and benefit from both platforms correctly. So let’s take a look at the strengths of the two platforms:

The Strengths & Advantages Of Facebook Ads

The strengths of Facebook ads are that they provide campaigns according to the determining features in terms of targeting and that they have audience-binding features due to the variety of ad types.

It’s a more sensible option for short-term campaigns, and you may see more affordable prices for some industries. In addition, if we need to talk about customer service; it cannot be done with the phone, but all the other options are available.

The Strengths & Advantages Of Google Ads

Google, can reach the masses (large masses) that you cannot target because it is search engine oriented. If you analyze the way Google works correctly, you can reach much larger audiences.

In addition, Google is the address of reaching high-intentioned customers and works result-oriented, and provides fast profits. In addition; At Google, too, customer service includes all options except email.

How To Use Google And Facebook Ads In Same Time?

How To Use Google And Facebook Ads

Our topic and topic is to compare and recognize two separate advertising platforms at the right points. But mastering Facebook vs Google ads doesn’t mean you can’t use these two platforms together. Both platforms have great features for ads, and it’s important how you use one for your campaign purpose.

  • First of all, you need to know your target audience, because the methods of defining the target audience on these platforms and the proportion of the audience they can reach are also different. So if you have the right mass marketing method, you can both reach your target audience and grow it by using these two platforms together.
  • You must determine the types of advertising you will do later because you will have many options. Images, videos, stories, banners, search engine results, etc. In other words, you will be memorable by appearing in different forms in front of the user.
  • You can observe how you will use your advertising budgets on two separate platforms and understand which types of ads make more sense on which platform and act accordingly for your sector.
  • You can integrate your ads using Google and FB tools.
  • You can optimize your ads based on the data that two separate platforms give you.
WASK Smart Target Audience Banner

If your advertising campaign is in a kind of sweepstakes or limited production theme, if your target audience is young people, and if awareness before the purchase step is a priority for your brand, you can use FB ads against Google ads.

This is a matter of kind of habit. Ease of use is completely personal, Google is more detailed in some matters, it may be the easiest thing for businesses that work in detail, but for some businesses, this can be a waste of time. It will be right to choose completely according to your sector and the way you work.

This is a point that is not always the case, but in some cases should be taken into account. For example, as soon as users come to you, their purchase intentions are already high. If your goal is better conversion rates and getting in touch with the user and selling immediately, Google Ads will be a faster path for you.

For B2B businesses, Google is a better option (but always the industry can influence this choice differently). Google will always be more effective for the user who makes need-oriented searches. But if your industry is aiming for awareness in the B2C business and you just want to highlight your services related to the things your customer is interested in, FB ads will make more sense.

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