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How To Stop Ads On Facebook?6 min read

Get rid of ads on Facebook! Learn how to block ads, which we’re researching safe ways, and stop ads on Facebook in a few different ways.

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The ads that constantly appear while browsing our social media accounts can be tiring. Like everyone else, you found yourself here when you were looking for ways to get rid of ads on Facebook. Then you can be sure that we will help you with this.

After reading this article, control the ads and remove the types of ads you don’t like by changing your preferences. This is a system that has been edited in such a way that it cannot be completely removed by Meta.

Stop ads on Facebook; It won’t be like the blocking you can do with a program outside of Facebook settings. That’s why we will give you a few options, both within Facebook preferences and with outside intervention.

Browsers You Can Use to Get Rid of Facebook Ads

Popular browsers that everyone frequently prefers (For example Chrome, Safari) are open to ad-blocking add-ons, but they do not directly block ads themselves. Because of their popularity, their data store is vast and this is attractive to advertisers. A few other browsers completely block ads with built-in ad blockers. Since there will be no ad-loading processes, there will be an increase in your browsing speed.

If you want all these possibilities, download the browsers that we recommend to you and get rid of ads on Facebook. Experience Facebook the way you choose. You can access this experience; We have listed some browsers with which you can get rid of virtual tracking and ads:

  • Opera: Provides a free VPN service, allowing you to sync these devices while blocking ads on your mobile and desktop experience.
  • Brave: Promises to block ads on all sites you enter. This will give you a faster experience.
  • UR Browser: This claims to be customizable and much faster than other browsers and provides third-party privacy for advertising.

How to Get Rid of Facebook Ads With an Ad Blocker?

Get Rid Of Facebook Ads With An Ad Blocker

Since getting rid of ads on Facebook is not an entirely possible process, you can opt for an ad blocker and thus use the same service not only on Facebook but also on sites like YouTube. As for how to do this; There are many ad blocker apps out there, and you can either download one of them or block Facebook ads with an ad blocker that can also be added to the plugins of the browser you’re using.

Install the example ad blockers we’ll count, and turn your ad on or off. Of course, you also have paid and free usage options on sites that provide all these services. Free options may contain ads that can’t be blocked. On some sites, it may not be possible to block advertising for the use of cookies and for the site to work properly. Here are some examples of ad blockers you can use:

1. Total Adblock

It is a program that provides ad block both as a browser add-on and in applications. It also offers a variety of additional security services and packages. This allows you to block or hide ads showing on your Facebook account.

2. Private Internet Access

It is a program that provides online privacy and assurance. It provides a VPN service and with it assurances such as ad blocking, and virtual tracking blocking.

3. Cyber Ghost

Blocks malware and threats such as virtual tracking. This program is also a VPN service and comes with an ad-blocking feature. It is downloaded from a secure source.

4. Ad Lock

Ad Lock allows you to block ads in both your browser and apps. It also increases the loading speed of websites while providing virtual security.

Using the programs we have mentioned and the like, you will be able to restrict ads on the videos you watch and all the web pages you frequently visit. So you can remove ads on Facebook using the same way.

How to Block Facebook Video Ads?

Block Facebook Video Ads

The process of stopping ads on Facebook is open to regulation by Facebook management around certain conditions. But they don’t offer an option like “block all Facebook ads.” In this case, do we have a way to hide the ads that appear between our videos? Yes. Facebook is telling you to follow these instructions before you can turn off in-stream ads:

  1. You should go to the “Published” section from the “Creator Studio” menu.
  2. You should select the post that has the broadcast you’re watching and that you don’t want ads to have in it.
  3. Next, you should enter the option to edit the post of your choice and enter it in the “In-Stream Ads” section on the right side.
  4. Once you’ve turned off and saved in-stream ads for the post you selected from the section you entered, Facebook will hide the ads.

Other Ways to Remove Facebook Ads

Another way to stop ads on Facebook is to filter the ads that appear to you. You can do this under 3 different sections. You can make choices through ad preferences, ad topics, and advertisers. This allows you to stop targeted ads on Facebook.

Hide Ads on the Facebook Website

Hide Ads On The Facebook Website
  1. You should go back to “Settings” after entering your profile on Facebook, clicking on “Settings & Privacy”.
  2. Click on “Accounts Center” and then on “Ads Preferences.”
  3. If you wish, you have the opportunity to choose which advertisers’ ads you can see. 
  4. Make personal selections and hideouts in this section, and control your ad preferences on the web.

Hide Ads In The Facebook Mobile App

  1. You must first get to the news feed page from Facebook’s app.
  2. When you see one of the ads you’d like to hide, click the “Hide Ad” button in the top right corner of the ad.
  3. You can choose the reason for hiding it from the options. You do not have to specify the cause.
  4. Finally, click “Hide Ad” again and stop Facebook ads that come up repeatedly.
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Yes, it is legal to block ads. However, for the method you use to be secure, you should check whether the source you download is safe and choose blockers that offer you a certificate for privacy.

You can access this service using certain browsers and plug-ins. Apart from this, you also have the chance to turn it off by editing your in-stream ad settings from the Facebook content studio with the filtering method.

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