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Changes To The Instagram Algorithm In 2023

The strategies you will create to strengthen your brand’s presence on Instagram will directly affect the Instagram algorithm change. Because the Instagram algorithm is constantly changing to adapt to current technology, you should follow all kinds of developments and create ads for your business or brand following more up-to-date rules.

Meta has made some changes to its Instagram new algorithm and this article is written to help you adapt to these changes. Let’s look at the changes that Instagram offers in its Instagram algorithm 2023 and get ahead of our competitors by updating ourselves!

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

Algorithm for Instagram; is the presentation of posts on the page where users scroll up, Reels, Stories, and Explore the page feed users according to certain rules. Since the Instagram algorithm aims to make the user spend more time on the platform; It aims to prioritize the content that the user likes to watch more and cannot get up from the beginning while watching.

The current Instagram algorithm takes into account all the details you can think of. It looks not only at the visuals of the contents but also at the Instagram hashtags and captions and tries to make a sequence according to the harmony and relevance of all these with each other. According to the CEO of Instagram, the primary goal is to get the right posts in front of the right people and make the experience the best.

How does Instagram Algorithm Work?

Instagram has previously done algorithm studies by offering 3 different options to try. He preferred that posts on the Home Page be given in chronological order while adding “favorites” and “following” options. So how does the Instagram algorithm work after these updates?

You want to personalize the user experience for each user. According to Instagram, every user should experience their experience especially and uniquely. So the algorithm aims to do this: every time the user enters the platform, from the sorting of posts to the way they are shown, they are all user-specific. Reels, Explore, and Home Feed are organized and sorted according to user interests. However, the Instagram search algorithm also cares about the rate of your search for accounts and hashtags.

That’s why an influencer’s relationship with his followers, regular interactions, content interest, and quality are scanned and fall into the main flow of users according to the success rate. Your post comments and direct messages are also factors that affect the Instagram algorithm. That’s why it’s so important that the post you want to boost and advertise is open to these interactions.

Instagram Algorithm for Reels

Instagram Algorithm For Reels

The Instagram reel algorithm is a little different and advantageous than other algorithms. According to Instagram, correctly prepared reels get 22% more engagement than videos in feeds.

So what is our definition of this different kind of work? Let’s explain it right away. The Reels stream is selected based on the relevance of the first content you watch, no matter if you follow it or not. In other words, content-oriented choices are made rather than accounts. In this way, you are more likely to fall in front of users who do not follow you.

These reels selections; it is done according to the content you record, comments and share. The reels that users constantly share are also likely to come in front of you. At the same time, content made with popular music and using popular filters is much more suitable for the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram Algorithm for Explore

As the name suggests, the primary purpose of the Instagram Explore page algorithm is to provide you with content that you have not yet discovered. It aims to boost accounts and posts that you haven’t followed yet but that match your style. These posts begin to attract the attention of the Instagram algorithm according to their level of popularity.

Posts and accounts you’ve interacted with before are also targeted by the algorithm. However, the explore page is often targeted at new posts and new accounts. You don’t have the option to clean up Instagram algorithm, it’s permanent. If an old post has received a lot of engagement, it will boost your account’s new posts.

Instagram Algorithm for Feed Posts

The Instagram algorithm for feed posts focuses on how likely you are to interact. That is, it tries to calculate the probability that you will show interest in the post that falls on your stream. It does this by classifying your previous interests based on their basic characteristics and ranks feed posts.

At the same time, Instagram cares about what types of posts you are interested in. How long are the videos? How long are the texts and captions? Attention to all these details pays attention to your time.

Instagram Algorithm for Stories

Instagram Algorithm For Stories

The Instagram story viewer algorithm is also very similar and close to the logic in the feed. It highlights stories you’ve already interacted with. When you see it, the stories you click on and watch frequently get in front of other accounts. If there’s an account where you like every story and respond to every survey, the account you haven’t interacted with before won’t get in the way.

But it doesn’t stop there. If the story of your close friend, to whom you click and respond to every story, is not a story that is watched and liked a lot, it means that an influencer will lose this race. So it’s not just your interaction, it’s the interaction of all users that affects the Instagram algorithm. Therefore, story ads can be called among the ads that receive the most interaction.

Best Ways to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

  1. When creating your content, make sure that it is of high quality.
  2. Be sure to use Reels marketing.
  3. Make sure your captions have relevant hashtags for visibility.
  4. Booktag your posts.
  5. Schedule the sharing time of your posts, and be consistent.
  6. Be sure to be active in sharing stories.
  7. Do influencer marketing.
  8. Use Q&As and surveys where you’ll get engagement.
  9. Be wary of community guidelines and sensitivities.

Important Factors of the Instagram Algorithm

The important factors of the Instagram algorithm are all of the things we talked about throughout our article. So the key is to understanding Instagram algorithm. As a user and as an influencer, it is important to develop a strategy for the algorithm. The accounts you follow and the accounts they follow will also affect your algorithm.

The posts you like, the reels you comment on, and the polls you respond to are all part of the Instagram algorithm. Likewise, this is exactly what you need to stand out. With the right timing and the right content, you can always beat this algorithm and be visible.

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New Instagram algorithm; It aims to present the content for the shares, likes, and comments of the users, in short, all their interactions.

We can not say that the process of resetting Instagram algorithm exists exactly. However, clearing the “my activity” section of your profile will at least clear up your explore area a bit.

Changing Instagram algorithm is not entirely possible, as is the case with the reset. Because this is an algorithm that the system applies to all users, and you can’t edit it manually yourself. It is only possible to redirect Instagram if you act knowing the rules of Instagram algorithm changes.

Yes, it does. Instagram will re-evaluate the content after the update.

Wait for the Instagram algorithm’s best time to post. Create your content for your purpose and get engagement. Be visible and get conversions with the right ads. Get a better algorithm on Instagram and make your brand stand out.

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