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The Fundamentals of Twitter Ads for Beginners

Because millions of tweets are shared on Twitter during the day, it is inevitable that your Twitter marketing work for your brand will disappear in the crowd. Twitter Ads will help you put your messages, products, or brand in front of users who are most likely to be interested.

Data provided by Twitter shows a regular increase in ad interactions each year. You can choose to use Twitter’s over-the-top ad models to promote your brand. The fundamentals of Twitter ads for beginners:

What are the types of Twitter Ads?

Before you start advertising on Twitter, you should start with information about which advertising models are on Twitter. To attract traffic and generate leads, Twitter is a very useful digital channel. If you’re going to start using Twitter now through your brand identity, other than being an individual user, you need to learn how to use Twitter ad campaigns.

How to advertise on Twitter?

If you have found the most suitable one among the advertising models, now it is time to start advertising.

First, you must open a Twitter account on behalf of your company. If you already have a Twitter account, the next step will be to create a Twitter ad account. Your Twitter ad account by visiting the address, you can create your account with your username and password. After determining your country and time zone, just press the Confirm button, and now your ad account has been created. After creating your ad account, you can start creating your first ad campaign.

Twitter ad campaigns are aimed at specific business goals. So, the first thing you need to do is decide what you’re aiming for by giving Twitter Ads. In this area you need to think carefully because you will encounter different payment plans for the types of interaction and actions. The purposes offered to you on Twitter are:

  • Awareness: you want the largest number of people to see your Promoted Tweet. You pay per 1000 impressions.
  • Tweet interactions: you want to maximize interaction with your featured tweets. All types of interaction (retweets, replies, etc.) you only pay for the first interaction with each user.
  • Followers: you want to build your Twitter audience. You pay for each new follower. But charging for other interactions, such as retweets and likes, is out of the question.
  • Site clicks or conversions: you want users to go to your site and take action. You pay per click.
  • App installs: you want users to install your application. You pay for each app installs.
  • Re-interaction with the application: you want people who already own your application to open and use the application. You pay for each app click.
  • Number of featured video views: you want users to watch your videos or GIFs. You pay for each video viewing.
  • Video views for broadcast (ad shown before video): you want to run a short video ad at the beginning of videos from Twitter’s premium content partners. You pay for each video viewing.
The types of Twitter Ads

After this step, you must determine the ad group and your budget proposal. Twitter shows you a list of your current tweets that you can choose to stand out. If you want, you can choose to create a new tweet specifically for your ad. You can select your ad placement from the right side of the screen. After making your choice, you should click Next.

The next step you need to take is a simple but well-planned step; identify your target audience. You can make a detailed determination of your target audience with options such as age, gender, location, and language. That’s all, you can start your campaign!

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