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8 Steps to Grow Your Instagram Business Account Audience

Instagram is the most active social media platform for businesses and marketers, and whether you’d like to grow your audience with Instagram, producing good quality content is more significant than you expect.

In order that Instagram comes in handy for your business, following the best activities can assist you to progress. This includes some ways to grow your audience with your trademark apparency on Instagram, thus having more new followers.

But, do you exactly know how to manage your Instagram content, what to produce, what to publish, when and how often for your marketing purposes? If you’re having doubts to answering these questions, continue scrolling.

1. Pursue a steady good quality visuals feed

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Instagram is always focused on images, visuals and videos. A low quality photo or poorly styled graphic isn’t going to help with your business process. You need to have good quality videos and images that draw attention and immediately captivate your audience.

To gain a strong look and feed, you should use specific colors and filters for your videos, images. It’s better to remain faithful to combinations of colors and visual styles that will comply with your brand or business.

2. Keep up with Instagram updates and changes

As we all know, Instagram is transforming perpetually, which means that you need to keep up with the most up-to-date features and trends. This will help you to gain perspective to make the best of your Instagram account with these updates and changes.

Instagram has also added some famous content opportunities such as IGTV and Stories to present Instagram Shopping or Reels features, which businesses are able to connect with their audience. In addition, it has improved the currently available features to present trends such as increased reality filters to Instagram stories. Businesses or brand can also produce their own filters to publicize audience relationship and have better appearance.

3. Most important thing is what your audience wants

Your audience’s actions and their behaviors can give you a lot of clues about what they want to see in your profile. Make sure to use insights from your social media account analytics to discover what type of content or context they like to engage with.

These social media insights can help you to understand which content gets the most attention, what type of style works best to have them write comments or which post ideas are interesting nowadays. That’s why, we suggest you adapt your strategy on Instagram content to offer the audience and customers with the exact expectation.

4. Your profile needs a good optimization

Instagram profile needs a good optimization

When you are using business related Instagram account, imagine that your profile is your land page. You have a limit of 150 characters, one URL link, and some action buttons to attract customers. That’s why, we recommend your profile matches with your business purposes and expectations.

Firstly, do not forget to switch to an Instagram business account because business accounts present you extra specialties to let you grow your brand, run content performance, and sell your products or service.

Mainly, your business profile should contain:

  • A brief description of what your brand or company does
  • Your industry/category such as Restaurant, Shopping, Software etc.)
  • A tone of voice that symbolizes your businesses personality
  • Contact information (email, address, phone number)
  • A URL link of your homepage
  • A profile image that can get quick attention

5. Posting regularly is key

Persistent posting program or schedule on your business account will help you to target your audience timelines more. Instagram seeks to point everyone the content they’re most eager to joy, so it has the need for content which is fresh and related to each audience’s likes.

Instagram’s algorithm tool utilizes machine learning to persistently analyze each person’s action and customizes the timesheet according to the results. In order that your audience like your posts, you have to keep up with regular posts to be shown in people’s feeds and more chances to make connections with your business. So, the more they connect with your theme, the more they’ll view it in their feed.

You can arrange a posting schedule to expand your brand and it makes everything more organized.

6. Improve your account with hashtags

Improve your account with hashtags

On many social media platforms, hashtags are beneficial for your content to increase search results or in the explore pages of similar content. So hashtags for your Instagram is an amazing method to promote content discovery and business appearance. Hashtags are descriptors that you can use to organize your posts and aid people define your business rapidly. You are able to gain access more posts on the similar or same topic if you click on a particular hashtag. Also, if you’re eager to make an investment in that area, you can select to follow a hashtag on Instagram.

The kind of hashtags you put to use subjected to the emotions you want to express, the products or services you’d like to suggest, and the people you want to make connections with. You can also use hashtags to define your events, activities, brands and places. There are obviously, different kinds of hashtags you can choose from in order to improve your business. You can use these:

  • General hashtags
  • Niche hashtags
  • Branded hashtags
  • Location hashtags
  • Community-related hashtags

But, note that too many hashtags on your captions or posts might make your business appear more helpless or attract the wrong audience. So, make sure to distribute your hashtags accordingly.

7. Get in touch with your audience

Even though you’re using Instagram for business, it’s quite important to socialize an interact with your audience because you won’t get any profits if you only post to make sales. That’s why, you should respond to your audience’s comments on your posts, use your captions to ask questions and share their ideas in the comments.

8. Give different content types a go

Give different content types a go

Instagram is not only images, but also have a huge variety of content kinds on the platform such as videos, stories, reels, and IGTV. And, whether you want to enhance your relationship and reach with your audience, it’s significant to add different content kinds. In addition, it’s better to stick to a variety of contents because not everyone likes a specific video or Reels content.

For instance; you can use text, videos, photos, stickers, boomerangs, polls, music, GIFs, etc. with Stories to get your content much more unique. Another great example to improve your marketing strategy including video content is IGTV feature. It is possible to repurpose older videos, summarize your podcast episodes, or post explanation, educational videos. Likewise, Reels feature lets you to produce 15 second videos with music, text, videos. You can present hints, tell a short story, or try new trends.

In conclusion, these Instagram best activities are great point of departure for the business of any extent to compose new audience and improve your business process. Despite your future business purposes, Instagram is strong tool which can put you through many prospective clients. So get started with WASK today and start organizing everything in your business account at once while collecting your inspiration from the marketing community.

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