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How to Get Verification on Instagram?

How to get verified on Instagram is a famous topic in the world of social media management. Anyone might apply for Instagram verification, and it tells Instagram users that this is the real account of the brand, celebrity, or influencer.

You may have noticed a blue check next to a celebrity’s, influencer’s, or significant brand’s Instagram account if you follow them on Instagram. That blue check mark, in fact isn’t an emoji, it’s an Instagram verification badge that has become a status symbol.

While a verified check mark does not boost your chances of being visible in social feeds, it does assist your followers in distinguishing your account from a clone or a fraudulent one. So, in this article, we’ll cover how to apply for Instagram verification, how long it takes, and how to improve your Instagram account before applying.

What Does Instagram Verification Mean?

Instagram Verification Mean

The verification badges that show on profiles indicate that Instagram has “verified that an account is the legitimate presence of the public figure, celebrity, or global brand it represents,” according to the company.

Verified accounts make sure that the users or brands have validity. Having a verified Instagram account will help to set brand reputation and prevent dishonesty. Furthermore, some social media services are only available to verified or business accounts.

Who’s Qualified to Get Verification on Instagram?

Anyone can apply for an Instagram verification badge, but not everyone will receive one. In general, verified Instagram accounts are given to celebrities such as:

  • Companies
  • Athletes
  • Actors
  • Managers
  • Politicians

Can You Pay for Instagram Verification?

Many people have probably also wondered that if it is possible to pay to be verified on Instagram. The answer is no, you can have your Instagram account verified for free. In order to be verified on Instagram, accounts must be “notable and legitimate,” according to the platform. To put it another way, being verified on Instagram is a difficult thing.

But “general interest accounts,” such as meme or fan accounts, are not eligible for Instagram verification.

It doesn’t appear to matter if you apply from a personal or business account. Instagram expresses that they employ a few other variables to evaluate verification submissions. Your Instagram account must meet the following criteria, according to Instagram’s website:


The global brand, celebrity, or influencer claiming to be the account’s owner must actually be the account’s owner. This would be against the app’s community guidelines otherwise. It also has to be a real person or company applying, not a made-up company.


With the exception of language-specific accounts, a global company, celebrity, or influencer can only have one account verified on Instagram. If your company has many Instagram accounts, carefully consider which ones should be verified.


Do you have a complete Instagram bio? You have to make sure that your bio, which includes your entire name, and profile image, are both complete. You have to made at least one post as well.


On Instagram, only accounts with the privacy setting set to “Public” — not “Private” — will receive a blue check.


You may struggle to earn that verified check mark unless the account represents “a well-known, highly searched for person, brand, or business.”

Get Instagram Verification

Let’s dive into the details and steps on how to get verified on Instagram and learn about the application process.

Phase 1: Go to your profile’s upper right corner and click the menu icon.

Phase 2: After that, choose the Settings button.

Get Instagram Verification

Phase 3: Then, click on the Account icon

Get Instagram Verification 2

Phase 4: Pick Account Verification from the list

Get Instagram Verification 3

Phase 5: Later, complete the form and attach a government-issued photo ID or a business-related document.

Get Instagram Verification 4

Phase 6: Finally, choose the Send button.

How to Grow Your Instagram Account and Get Verified?

If you want extend your account reach and grow more in order to get Instagram verification, there are some easy and simple tips for you to achieve it. Scroll through to learn more about these tips and tricks.

Publish high-quality content

Sharing articles that your target audience will find useful is a good way. So, these contents can be educational, humorous, musical, or anything else that your followers will find beneficial. We’re more eager to keep our following if we develop a hub that consistently offers high-quality information.

Stay active

The more active you are on Instagram, the more opportunities you will have to connect with others and, in conclusion, getting your account verified. Building a following requires more than simply amazing content; with to recent social media algorithm changes, we can no longer rely on visibility ‘happening by on its own.’

Engaging with your audience, potential audience, and influencers will increase your following since your message will reach a wider audience, increasing your chances of gaining more followers.

Utilize hashtags

Using hashtags is another approach to broaden your Instagram audience. You can reach new audiences, grow your following, and improve your chances of receiving a verified checkmark on Instagram with Instagram’s new ‘follow’ hashtags function.

Did you know that posts with at least one hashtag get 12.6% higher engagement than those that don’t?

Using a branded hashtag to attract user-generated content is a fantastic idea. While using generic hashtags such as ‘like for like’ may increase your likes, they will not attract the correct audience.

Post images

A picture can present many things instead of words. Because Instagram is primarily an image-based medium, it allows you to create tales to your followers. Many companies use material that conveys a story about their workers, audience, or purpose. When it comes to learning how to receive a blue check on Instagram, such efforts can pay off big time.

Avoid fake followers to get Instagram verification

Don’t buy Instagram followers. That’s all there is to it. Meaningful engagement, which you won’t get from bots, is what drives true growth and reach. You could believe that artificially raising your Instagram followers will help you get verified, however this is not the case.

The followers you’ll obtain if you pay will almost always be bots. Because Instagram is cracking down on bots and unethical behavior, your follower count is likely to drop soon after you pay for them. Many brands are, in fact, tightening down on influencer fraud. Learn how to recognize false influencers so you don’t fall into this trap.

We can establish an engaged following even if we can’t get verified on Instagram, therefore employ the strategies above in your social media plan!


That concludes everything you need to know about Instagram verification process. To seek Instagram verification, follow these step-by-step procedures. After a few days, you should receive a notification and it might take a few tries to receive that blue checkmark, but you can request for Instagram verification multiple times. So, make sure to stay on track!

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Instagram will never contact you to confirm your verification or demand payment for it. You’ll find out whether or not your account has been confirmed in Activity after we’ve reviewed your request, which might take up to 30 days.

Verification is limited to one account per person or entity; language-specific accounts are an exception.

Your Instagram account must represent a well-known person or brand in order to be verified. It must appear frequently in news sources and/or be highly searched for. Promoting or buying content is not acceptable for account reviews on Instagram.

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