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Digital advertising, known as online advertising is a type of advertising which uses new media for promotions. The internet is the base of digital channels.

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Digital advertising, also known as online advertising is a type of advertising which uses new media for promotions. The internet is the main base of digital advertising channels.

The number of users on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are increasing every day and these companies collect important data about the users’ personal information, product search, and usage. With the help of this information, the launch personalized and targeted ads that are useful to the user, making it easier to reach the target audience.

According to market shares, there is a duopoly in the industry. Google and Facebook are controlling almost %72 of the digital advertising industry and they are the main digital advertising channels.

According to statistics, the online advertising industry is growing rapidly. We can say that the future of the industry is bright. Other than Facebook ads tool and Google ads tool, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon, and LinkedIn are the other channels in the industry.

Google ads are the leading digital advertising channel in the industry with thirty billion dollars of revenue.  It is an online marketing tool that allows you to show your ads on Google’s search results, partner sites or YouTube.

Every business owner wants to get more sales, more phone calls and increase the visibility and awareness of his brand in a particular region in relation to his products or services. With Google Ads. you can activate ads very quickly and increase traffic to your site. The most common method of Google Ads is pay-per-click which is a method that an advertiser pays to Google when the ad is clicked.

Facebook is the second biggest digital advertising channel that advertisers can prefer. As we know, Facebook is the world’s largest social network with over 1 billion members. In Google AdWords, you only reach users who have searched or will search for the keyword. The ads you will post on Facebook will show the users who meet the criteria you specified, and you will be able to reach your real customer audience in a faster time. Facebook offers 9 advertising options.

These are, boost your posts, promote your page, reach people near your business, increase brand awareness, send people to your website, get installs of your app, get video views, collect leads for your business and raise attendance at your event. Facebook also offers these advertising methods on Instagram which is known by many as Instagram ads. Through these digital advertising channels, advertisers can reach their customer target.

Zeynep Sarıca

Zeynep Sarıca

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