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Determining the best placement for your brand; Not only does it give you autonomy and full control over where your ads are placed, but it also allows you to target more niche, specific audiences so you can get the most out of your ad spend.

At this point, it’s also important to mention the difference between Facebook ad placements and Meta ad placement. Meta has become a more used name in recent years due to the fact that it is the new company name of Facebook. Meta is actually a wink at the digital marketing of the world where virtual reality exists in the future, reflecting the company vision. It is possible to foresee that it will turn into a more comprehensive platform in the future.

In short, both Facebook and Meta offer the same type of ad placement possibilities. Since it is possible to see areas such as Instagram, Messenger, and Marketplace, which belong to Meta, in advertising areas; We can say that this platform can reach a wide audience that will benefit your company.

What Are Facebook Ad Placements?

At its most basic, Facebook ad placements are placements where Facebook can show your ads. With a variety of placement verticals and numerous networking platforms, there is a reasonable amount of opportunity for your ads to be seen.

In short, depending on your goals, objectives, and preferences, your ads can appear on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and other Audience Networks. It can also be placed in any network’s vertical feed, marketplace, discover page, inbox, search bars, or sidebars, depending on the platform your ad shows.

Feed Placements

Feed Facebook Ad Placements

While many companies prefer automatic placements due to the lack of time and complexity when it comes to ad placements, there is value in manually choosing Facebook ad placements for a variety of reasons.

It’s worth noting that if you opt for a manual Meta ad placement strategy, you should consider including all three distinctions when it comes to mobile, desktop, or both. If you don’t select all three separations, not all placements will be able to choose. Here’s a summary of the categories of flow placement options:

1. Facebook News Feed Placement

When you select this placement, your ad campaigns will appear in the home section of Facebook and in users’ news feeds. It also appears on the website, mobile website, and app without any extra adjustments. This type of placement is a bit costly because it is one of the most popular settlement types.

2. Instagram Feed Placement

This is one of the most popular Facebook ad placements. Examples include ads that you keep coming across while browsing the Instagram main feed. You can be sure that it will be very useful and effective for companies whose target audience is loyal, clear, and active.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Meta Ad Placement

Meta has become a highly used marketplace ever since it updated its platform with Marketplace, which you can use as a sales area. In this placement, your ads appear when people browse Marketplace. Although it is not very useful for high-cost products, it is very useful for e-commerce companies. In addition, placing ads here will automatically allow you to place ads in the news feed as well.

4. Facebook Video Feeds

This placement is the lowest-cost way to do remarketing, which includes ads that are shown and recommended to people browsing between videos uploaded to Facebook.

5. Facebook Right Column

As the name suggests, this placement is located just to the right of the main page. It is not accessible to mobile users. It is less preferred due to less access.

6. Instagram Explore Placement

This is one of the popular Facebook ad placements. On the Explore page, users see posts from people they haven’t connected with before, who they don’t know. Explore is very useful for finding an audience because it’s based on interests.

7. Messenger Inbox Feed Placement

This placement allows brands to access private conversations with users. This means that you may see ads between messages. It is necessary to be careful because this area, which can be used in abundance, can sometimes bore the user. It will also be useful in establishing connections with the target audience.

8. Stories Feed Placement

This is the most widely used and converted Facebook ad placement because it has access to so many people. While users are watching the instant stories of their friends, interfering with your brand can provide the right feeling to connect with the user. This can be the right step for your brand.

9. Facebook In-Stream Videos Placement

Meta Ad Placement

These ads are typically ads that interrupt during longer posts, such as creator videos or publisher content. The audience can be directly the desired audience. Taking the right steps ensures memorability.

10. Messenger Sponsored Messages Placement

One of the ways to communicate directly with the user is through this placement. It is an advertising space that directs brands to connect with personalized messages by addressing the user directly.

11. Facebook Instant Articles Placement

This placement is the instant articles for the Meta ad placement. Here, ads are displayed on Facebook’s application. Nests between an article that the user is reading. The interaction rate is slightly lower than the others.

12. Facebook Audience Network Placements

This placement is for destinations other than Meta (Facebook). This goal includes third-party apps and websites on FB Audience Network.

In short, Meta ad placement offers various ways to promote your company in many areas. You can get engagement and conversions by choosing the appropriate placement for your campaign.

13. Facebook Search Placement

Facebook Search Placement

This placement is mostly based on keywords. We can say that Google’s system resembles this in this sense. Users search for something and come across advertising campaigns within the results.

Choosing the Best Ad Placement for Your Business

Now that you know what Facebook ad placements are, how do you determine which placements or placements are best for your brand?

Choosing the best ad placement for your brand may require some research. In other words, how will you know which one works best without trying different ad placements? You need to collect data before moving on to a concrete game plan. Sure, you can go with other brands’ use cases, but you need to remind yourself that your brand is unique from others and may require a completely different strategy.

So, in short, step one requires trial and error.

Second, you need to consider your business goals and objectives when running ads. Are you trying to build brand awareness, increase conversions or generate new leads? Depending on your goal, will largely determine which of the Facebook ad placements you choose.

Finally, do your research! There’s a wealth of information out there about which Facebook ad placements work best for which campaigns. Not only will this help you with your initial trial and error phase, but it will also educate you on what to expect in the future.

Over time, you will learn what works best for you…

WASK Smart Target Audience Banner

Deciding to opt for automatic ad placements is convenient for some, but in most cases, it’s just a missed opportunity. You can find success by optimizing your ads through content, text, budget, targeting, and ad placement.

By monitoring metrics such as conversions, interactions, A/B testing, and customer feedback, you can measure campaign impact and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Determining placements by analyzing your target audience, making mistakes on metrics when measuring ad impact, or tracking incorrect metrics, and optimizing by choosing Facebook automatic ad placements are all errors that can lead you to failure.

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