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Complete Guide To Facebook Brand Awareness 2023

We’ve already explained to you that Facebook has three main sections about its marketing goals: Awareness, evaluation, and conversion. Each section achieves its purpose in itself by clarifying the plans and goals for the campaigns.

In this article, we’ll focus on the concept of “awareness,” how to get traffic with brand awareness, how to gain reach, and how Facebook brand awareness campaigns work. “Comprehend Facebook brand awareness working dynamics and metrics; how much visibility affects access results? What is the right way to achieve visibility using brand awareness ads Facebook?” we will answer these questions.

What Is A Brand Awareness Campaign?

A Facebook brand awareness campaign is a campaign to introduce an unknown product or service to a general consumer audience.

The concept we call awareness advertising; is the ad we want to give to people we think will remember the ads. Choose the awareness objective when you build brand awareness campaigns: you can focus on being known or change your perspective on the brand in the same way.

Brand awareness on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger and stable activity in these social channels are important in terms of awareness. Brand awareness does not have to be only about the size of the audience that knows you, it is a concept that includes the perspective of that audience on your brand’s identity and its image.

Now set up a Facebook brand awareness campaign to make your communication with your target audience sustainable and known, and get one step closer to your goal!

How To Create A Brand Awareness Campaign On Facebook?

Create A Brand Awareness On Facebook

Facebook brand awareness is related to the time your target audience devotes to you. The concept of “time” at stake here refers to memorability. As the audience that remembers you grows, you can easily optimize your future campaigns and lead ads.

Think of what we call a digital marketing funnel, which progresses from the general to the specific in terms of mass:

  • Awareness
  • Interaction
  • Conversion
  • Purchase

We see that we are in the most general area of the funnel. In other words, our expectation should not be an increase in potential customers, but to stay with the image we want in consumer memory.

Build Up Brand Awareness For Your Business

To create a successful Facebook brand awareness campaign, start out knowing that you’ll get paid in the long run, and create your brand awareness ad in Facebook Ads Manager by following these steps:

  1. Set up your brand awareness campaign in Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Determine your criteria for your target audience.
  3. Select your placement.
  4. Upload your ad campaign.
  5. You’re now ready to run your ad!

Measuring Brand Awareness On Facebook Campaigns

You need to know that Facebook brand awareness ads are different from lead ads and Facebook remarketing , which are evaluated according to different criteria.

  • Impressions & Reach: Number of accesses per user
  • Facebook CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions)
  • Frequency: The average number of impressions served for each user
  • Percentage of video views viewed (Video engagement)
  • Brand recall lifts through advertising

What Is The Facebook Brand Awareness Objective?

Brand Awareness content should be easy to remember; brand name, brand colours, brand logo and slogan. All of this reflects an entrepreneurial process that applies to the product or service that has just entered the market. So there’s a new goal: audience intent. It doesn’t stop there!

When you consider examples of brand awareness objectives, you can make a change of perception: It will be effective to use this campaign type for brands that exist but are unknown or known but known to be notorious.

Reminding your brand to your current audience and making your message memorable may also be among your possible goals.

Awareness Objective In Meta Ads Manager

Your goal should be to reach as many users as you can in the ad. The common feature of the best brand awareness Facebook ads is that they are used effectively in conjunction with other types of advertising.

Facebook brand awareness doesn’t mean your website traffic. Reaching the bottom of the funnel directly for this purpose and thinking that it is a “make a sale” will cause you to misevaluate the process.

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Benefits Of Using Brand Awareness In Facebook Ads

Benefits Of Using Brand Awareness

Understanding the strategic role of brand awareness is an important point in digital marketing. Because analyzing the process of the consumer meeting the brand will help us to maintain this relationship healthily and to solve the problems easily.

Brand image building is one of the most basic ways to interact with high-intentioned customers and make them loyal to your brand in the future.

What Is The Best Example Of A Facebook Brand Awareness Ad?

Maybe it’s not possible to choose the best Facebook ad for brand awareness and say “This is the best!”, but it is possible to describe it by following the right way when advertising. For example; Ads that are remarkable, intriguing, or provide easy access to real information about the relevant topic will be successful.

As a Facebook brand awareness ad example, we can consider Apple’s ad: the “Shot on iPhone” campaign published beautiful photos and videos taken by people on iPhone, showcasing the features of the camera. The increase in participation with hashtags in social media has led to an increase in brand awareness.

Use Facebook To Increase Brand Awareness

Grow awareness for your business with the ads you will create to reach a new audience! Let’s list the tips you need to remember to increase brand awareness on Facebook:

If you want to see how often ads show and want low cost, “reach” should be the goal of your campaign. If you’re serving ads to your target audience that’s likely to remember, the goal of your campaign should be “brand awareness.”

If you choose the “video views” goal for video-focused campaigns, you’re targeting the increase in your video engagement volume. From this point of view, when we compare brand awareness vs engagement Facebook ads; we can see that the subject takes shape for advertising purposes. When used correctly, advertising purposes are not competitors of each other, but supporters.

WASK Campaign Optimization Banner

We can be noticed by doing a traffic campaign with a remarkable discourse. Each campaign we create to build brand awareness on Facebook will be a team that is compatible with other types of ads and will move us to the target.

Promotion of a newly created brand, visibility of an existing but unknown brand, or image change of known but notorious brands, Facebook brand awareness ads can be used to produce viral ads in proven brands.

It varies according to the product or service: It is the right application to convey the desired message to the right target audience with intriguing, fun, informative, quality content, at the right location. If your campaign requires emotional hosting, start increasing awareness for your business on Facebook using video-centric ads.

This is a process, you can analyze your success by constantly checking metrics (CPM, CTR, click, impression, etc.) without being impatient.

Impression, CPM, CTR, click, reach, and frequency (frequency) are the criteria of Facebook brand awareness.

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