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How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace?

While you may not have heard of the existence of Facebook Marketplace before, you should be excited to encounter a new platform in the commercial sense with this article. Because Facebook Marketplace, where you can guess that there are many buyers among the digital marketing platforms that are increasing day by day, offers us advantages that will always be ahead of other platforms in the field of marketing.

In addition, the main reason why this Facebook Marketplace is more advantageous than many platforms is that it does not charge for the sales process and process. Facebook only takes 5% of the price of the product you sell. But as with other platforms, it does not charge various fees continuously in the process. Selling on Facebook Marketplace; It is done with the principle of not victimizing its users, who both make up the seller and create potential customers.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a marketplace where you can sell your products with your profile (without a business profile owner). As a Facebook user, selling on Marketplace is almost effortless for you. Because having information about the product you are going to sell and selling honestly without breaking the rules of the market is enough to be a favorite seller.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell products without having to be a company or brand, while at the same time eliminating the need to be unused products. So you can market and sell your retro or second-hand products here. At the same time, there is no obligation to make local sales. If you want to sell on another continent, Facebook provides you with this possibility.

Sell On Facebook Marketplace Step By Step

This section will give you the steps you need to sell correctly on Facebook Marketplace. Whether individually or through the company, the quality of the sales you will make and the right processes are very important. So let’s move forward to learn these steps in full and explore Facebook Marketplace for businesses and individual selling.

1. Click the Marketplace icon and click “Create New Listing”

Manage Facebook Marketplace

When you enter your Facebook homepage, you will see the “Marketplace” section in the menu on the left side. By clicking here you will first enter the market. You don’t need to own any business accounts or pay any fees for this.

From this menu, always review your sales and manage your Facebook Marketplace. Then take the first step of your product listing process by clicking “Create new listing”.

2.Choosing the Listing Type

Facebook Marketplace Categories

Select a category to select the category of the product you want to sell. These include item, vehicle, and home. In this example, we will select the item.

3. Adding Photos or Videos

Facebook Marketplace

Include a quality photo or video of the product you’re selling. Then, from the left menu, fill in the fields such as title, price, category, and description in a clear format. At the same time, you can specify the location determination stage as you wish from this menu. Decide whether you will deliver the product to the recipient’s address or meet in a common area and add it to the left menu.

4. Press the “Next” Button and click “Publish”

Use Facebook Marketplace

First of all, if you have completed it correctly, the “next” button will become pressable. Press and proceed and press the “publish” button to process your product sale. Now that you know about selling products related to the marketplace; Use Facebook Marketplace and start earning fast!

Facebook Marketplace Rules

First, there are certain countries where Facebook Marketplace is available. If you are within these limits, then you will be able to participate in this market. You can find out which countries these countries are by visiting the Facebook page, which was created in response to some questions about Facebook Marketplace Website.

In addition, the way Facebook Marketplace is a reliable marketplace for sellers to sell by following certain rules. Let’s take a look at what these rules are:

  • Not to share customers’ personal information with third parties
  • Not to use violent discourses such as profanity, insult, or harassment in communications with users about sales
  • Not to sell illegal products
  • Failure to provide false information about the products sold
  • To carry out the sales process by mastering Facebook Marketplace policies

Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Sell On Facebook Marketplace

If you’re curious about advanced selling tips for Facebook Marketplace; Don’t worry, we have researched this for you. As with all business transactions on the Facebook platform, reliability is the priority in Facebook Marketplace.

Because one of the scary things about online trading is being scammed. No one wants to waste their money and waste time. This hope is a destructive thing. So don’t forget to be in proper and fast communication with your potential customers in order not to break their dreams!

It is also very important that the products you will sell are attractive to the users. Then take high-quality photos for your Facebook Marketplace. Equip the section with your product photos with these high-quality photos. Add clear, clear descriptions under your products. If your hashtags are in parallel with these explanations, you will become more easily visible. In addition to these; Be sure to choose reliable payment methods.

The Benefits of Selling on Facebook Marketplace

If you want to do e-commerce; One of the many ways you can opt for is to sell something on Facebook Marketplace. Is there an advantage to be gained when you choose this path? Of course! Let’s take a closer look at these, would you like it?

  • Selling with Facebook Marketplace gives you the chance to take advantage of Facebook’s large audience.
  • Thanks to Facebook’s policy of getting rid of intermediary companies, you can make more profit from the sale you make.
  • Again, thanks to Facebook, you can use the platform you list your products and offer them to your customers for free.
  • You can get ahead of your competitors by using Facebook’s advertising platforms on Facebook Marketplace.
  • With location preferences, you can use some kind of audience targeting to reach potential customers who are much farther away from your current location.
  • Since you work with Facebook Groups, you can communicate with many groups and make much more active sales in the groups you manage.
WASK Campaign Optimization Banner

Facebook Marketplace payment details can be described as follows: You don’t have to pay anything for the sale process. However, the seller must pay for the shipping. In addition, some charges may be charged according to the payment methods (for example, PayPal). Because these forms of payment do this job for a certain fee independently of Facebook.

Sell items on Facebook Marketplace easily! During this process, whether you want to set up the market locally is automatically selected from the location (unless you choose a location other than your location). If your product prices are already local and you make your explanations in your language, this is perceived by users as a global sale.

You select a category by going to the “Sell” section within the Facebook Marketplace and you’ll be directed to upload a photo. You upload it, write the necessary explanations, and have a post ready to publish.

Be sure to care about the speed of your return to the messages written to you. Set your prices according to the market and write your product descriptions accurately and clearly. Also be clear in your choice of categories, because many buyers will come to you through categories. Also, try to get positive feedback from users who prefer you, this will be a reference for new users.

This choice is entirely up to you, but of course, it makes more sense to choose a platform that has proven itself compared to many platforms. Moreover, the entire audience of Facebook is far away from being able to turn to Facebook Marketplace. This may be a good opportunity for you.

You can’t advertise on Facebook Marketplace anyway. And yes! You’ll also need a business account for advertising through Facebook.

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