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Complete Guide About Instagram Sponsored Post

Instagram sponsored posts are a type of ad that appears in the Instagram feed every day and influences us. Influencership, which is the profession of our time, has created a new field by using the ease of promotion in this area.

Advertising to audiences of well-known people was something that had been done before. You could see a shampoo ad for that actress you love so much on TV. It may seem strange that someone who has nothing to do with hair and makes a living with the acting profession affects you, but it is possible.

Now, this type of ad has taken on a new form. Now you are very likely to see sponsored posts on the Instagram account of that player you love so much. In this way, people who have a hair-related profession will be able to strengthen this advertisement by coming out in front of you. If that shampoo brand belongs to you, you should be aware that you need to promote your brand using people who influence the masses!

What Is A Sponsored Post On Instagram?

What Is Sponsored Post Instagram?

One way to promote through Instagram: making a sponsored post on Instagram. You can be any of the parties to this situation. So the promoting Instagram account may belong to you or the promoted brand may belong to you.

If you are the person who promotes it, you are the kind of influencer who uses this type of advertising. By using the best influencer marketing tools, you can go down the path of expanding your audience. But if the promoted brand belongs to you, you may have made a deal by finding an influencer’s audience suitable for your brand.

This type of ad is almost no different from regular posts. Because when you walk in the flow, of the story; you should see these posts right after a friend’s memory. This will sound more natural and is a way to get into the minds of potential customers. Despite this, it is possible to see that Instagram sponsored posts are different from regular posts with a few changes.

Because these shipments are a type of advertising made for a fee, they are taxed and made through certain agreements. It is necessary to make this clear in the post. We will give more detailed answers to the questions of how to show and how to view them below.

Types of Sponsored Instagram Posts

There are several places where sponsored posts will pop up in front of you. It is one of the many posts Instagram spontaneous posts that you will see when scrolling on Instagram. It is possible to see ads in the form of stories among the stories of your friends or famous people you follow.

These ads can appear in photos, videos, reels, or carousel types. The advertiser’s goal is to get traffic through various types of Instagram sponsored posts.

How to Sponsor a Post On Instagram?

How To Sponsor a Post on Instagram

To sponsor Instagram sponsored posts, you first need an Instagram account with a specific audience. This account holder can be an influencer you deal with. As for the technical part of the business;

From your Instagram account profile, click on the three dots section of this at the top right. Click on “Business Tools” to go to the “Promotions” section. You will then need to redirect to the post, which is the post linked to the person you are partnering with. Once you’ve selected this post, set up a target audience, ad duration, advertising budget, etc. to suit your purpose. Pay and you are now the sponsor of a post!

Reasons to Sponsor Posts on Instagram

  1. The more engagement you get from a website, the more your audience expands.
  2. When your brand’s posts are sponsored, you’ll be easier to compete with your competitors.
  3. Your brand awareness increases and your sales increase accordingly.

In addition to these reasons, sponsorship; also indirectly determines your relations and status in the commercial sense. So if you want to grow your brand, be sure to sponsor a post on Instagram free.

How Much Do Instagram Sponsored Posts Cost?

Instagram Sponsored Posts Cost

The prices for Instagram sponsored posts to vary because there are many factors involved. For example, issues such as the influencer’s number of followers, the type of product or service advertised / the situation in the sector, the form of the advertising campaign, and who the target audience affects the cost.

The average pricing of Instagram sponsored posts is presented as follows by Instagram: there can be a cost demand of between $ 10-100 for every 1000 followers . However, since these amounts are not clear, the influencer gain may go far above or below it.

In this case, if you are an influencer, get a sponsored post on Instagram. You can then make agreements with the brand with different sub-clauses, i.e. you can become the face of the brand or charge additional fees for each product promotion variant.

Sponsored posts are like any post or story. But it does not end with this, of course, there are certain differences. Let’s examine what these are;

First of all, the “sponsored” hashtag in the caption part of the post (if the ad is done with a story, the Instagram hashtag is written on it) attracts our attention. We see call buttons that are not in any post. CTAs are used, or sometimes you’ll see links that take you to a website where you can buy a product.

Instagram sponsored posts can appear with a horizontal or vertical view. You can see it in a variety of ways; post, store, stream, and explore.

How to Turn Off Sponsored Posts on Instagram?

Want to stop ads on Instagram? It’s effortless.

Click on the three dots on the ad to open the menu and click “Hide Ad”. In the section that will appear, you will see:

  • “It doesn’t interest me”
  • “I see it so often”
  • “Inappropriate”

Click on the option that suits you and that’s it! You won’t see that Instagram sponsored post that keeps coming up.

But this option doesn’t destroy all Instagram sponsored posts. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this. The process we are describing here is only a way to reduce advertising on topics that do not interest you.

WASK Smart Target Audience Banner

Connect Business Manager to your Facebook account and then to your Instagram account. Create your ad. Make a budget and audience determinations that fit your purpose. Place your ad and remember your collaboration hashtags.

Using Instagram sponsored posts is important for the following situations: 

When you want to; cooperate with brands to make money as an influencer, promote the products and services of a brand of your own, or give information about a product/service that will attract the attention of your followers.

The most important thing at this point is that you act following the advertising rules. When you can fulfill this requirement; you need to know the needs and wishes of your target audience well. You must create hashtags, images, and CTAs that will grab the attention of your target audience. Learn the product or service you are promoting well, and convey your description clearly to your audience. Have the right interaction with your collaborating brand.

Create ads through the menu by entering Facebook Ads Manager. Adjust your ad settings to suit your advertising goals. Determine the ad format and make selections based on the demographics of your target audience. Stand out with a clear description and CTA and run your ad!

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