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How to Use Reporting in WASK?

Ad Reporting allows you to create and export reports on your ad performance based on a number of parameters you choose. In Ad Reporting, you can get the information you need to manage your campaigns.

Let’s examine the Reports feature in WASK.

Use Reporting in Wask

Let’s examine the screen you have seen.

Reporting in Wask

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Use Reporting

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Comparison in Wask

Select the Ad account you want to see the ad campaign reports.

Select the Ad account

Choose what date range you want the reports to cover.

Choose date range

You can create the report by clicking the “Create Report” button.

Create Report button

The Report you created will look like this. Campaign name, Amount Spent, Clikcs, Impressions, Frequency, Cost per Click, Cost per Mile, CTR.

Download Report

You can download the report in PDF format by clicking the “Download” button.

Your Past Report In Wask

In this area, you can see which date range the reports you have created cover and the report name.

Open Your Past Report

You can view the report by clicking the “Open” button. The report will be displayed as below.

Download Your Report
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