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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing has laid the foundations that make up many of today’s marketing terms and methods. This classical marketing, which is part of mass marketing, where you can see serious advertising budgets; Although it seems to have lost its effect today, it has the potential to appear frequently.

When you go on vacation anywhere or when you travel between cities, you may be taking a break from your social media channels. So can you take a break from offline marketing?

A billboard advertisement you see during the trip, posters hung on the doors of the grocery section of the gas station where you stop to drink water during your break, the headlines on the covers of the magazines in the café you stop by to eat are all another form of traditional marketing.

What is Traditional Marketing?

If we come to the traditional marketing definition; All marketing activities that do not take place online can fall under this definition. It will not be difficult to give examples of these. Channels such as telephone, billboards, newspapers, magazines, television, and radio all fall under traditional marketing.

Although traditional marketing methods are still used effectively, we can say that they have been pushed to the background with the development of digital marketing. Because the cost of advertising is much higher and it has become difficult to reach the younger generation in this way.

However, marketing without including traditional marketing may not provide the necessary benefit to businesses. This is more likely to vary depending on the type, size, and brand strategy of the business.

Types of Traditional Media

Types of Traditional Media

Let’s come to what traditional marketing methods are and in which cases they are preferred. The fact that traditional media channels have been developed and taken to the next level in the digital field does not mean that traditional channels are old and not preferred. The outdoor marketing or the advertisements broadcast on television that we see every day as we walk down the street are another proof of this.

1. Local Newspaper Ads

Although advertising in the newspaper is a very old method, it is very useful for brand awareness and familiarity. It is necessary to say an important step towards creating loyal customers. Because newsletters, where common preferences about the community meet always, have a more reliable appeal.

Although interest in newspapers has declined with technology, it is important to determine the benefit you will receive from this newsletter based on the type of service you are marketing.

2. Short Message Marketing

Text messaging has become a method of communication that we do not use much. In traditional marketing, text messaging is a way to reach customers instantly. Considering that the mobile phone is a device that we constantly have in our hands and that we check frequently, text message marketing is not a bad way of advertising at all.

Messages reach customers much faster than digital advertising methods and allow you to be visible. But it is necessary to manage this frequency correctly because you do not want to bore the audience you are just meeting.

3. Brochures

Handing out brochures is one of the oldest methods of traditional marketing channels. Brochures are a marketing channel that we frequently come across in political propaganda processes.

The bad side of this method, which is generally preferred by start-up enterprises in terms of cost; it can be said that it bores customers quickly or results in throwing out the brochure without paying any attention. But if you can attract attention, you can get quick feedback and measure reactions.

4. Sponsorship

Most of the brands that you are familiar with by constantly seeing around you and whose logos you know by heart have used this method effectively in traditional marketing. This method is highly used and effective in any national match, festivals and concerts, charity events, seminars, and events organized by certain sectors together.

In general, the goal is to create an accurate impression and build the brand image. If you use this marketing method in opportunities that are in line with your strategy and brand ideals, it will not take long to reflect on your sales.

5. Outdoor Marketing

The outdoor marketing channels you come across outside the home stand out and get attention, just like in New York Times Square. Thanks to various posters, and giant billboards, you can gain visibility for many people and take the right steps in the name of memorability.

Since this method requires you to spend more than other methods, it may not be wise to choose it at the first stage. Immediately after the promotional processes you have already started to get results, you should seize opportunities and grow your audience.

Which Type of Marketing (Traditional or Digital) Should You Use?

Traditional Marketing

Choosing a marketing strategy and using digital and traditional marketing depends on many factors and can vary depending on your company’s goals, target audience, industry, and digital marketing budget. Traditional marketing uses physical targeting when influencing wider audiences.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, provides access to the target audience with a more detailed filtering method. It enables audience expansion using technology and the power of search engines.

The difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing manifests itself in processes such as the desired audience, advertising budgets, and analysis of campaign results.

So which type of marketing you should use will depend on your goals. There will be places where it will be useful to use both methods separately in the steps of your goals. Both marketing methods can bring you advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at these if you want…

Advantages & Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

  • Let’s list the disadvantages and advantages of traditional marketing from several angles:
  • With traditional marketing, you face much higher advertising costs, but you quickly gain access to a much wider audience.
  • The reusability of traditional media tools can speed up work and eliminate cost in some cases, but it does not have the same measurability as digital. It takes a lot of time for you to reach the best results.
  • One of the benefits of traditional marketing is that it is more trustworthy in the community and is therefore very effective in creating a portfolio of loyal customers, but you cannot personalize the audience you reach and filter it according to the brand purpose.
  • Traditional marketing strategies achieve more memorable results for potential customers, but they are not easy to optimize when making changes to advertising campaigns is very difficult and costly.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

  • Non-traditional marketing provides online access to digital tools and techniques, and it goes a long way in creating new marketplaces, but you need serious technical knowledge.
  • Creating a digital marketing campaign is more cost-effective, but it takes time to be able to create and optimize the right strategy.
  • One of the benefits of digital marketing is to use the power of social media today, but you also need to know that the competition is very high.
  • Digital marketing speeds up all processes such as buying, returning, and changing, but it is also possible to position the dangers that can quickly discredit such as complaints and bad comments against this convenience.
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Of course, there will be campaigns that the brand will support following its mission, but for small businesses, the advertising costs that may be excessive are not considered profitable. Practical ways of digital marketing will be a much more logical step in the initial stages.

Although today’s technology seems to support this, it will always be more accurate to use traditional methods to support technological ways.

It is wise to make use of both types of marketing methods to spread personalized strategies and marketing methods to a wide audience.

Traditional marketing reaches large masses through direct advertising, Influencer marketing is a kind of collaboration that uses the power of social media/follower multiplicity and reaches a more personal audience.

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