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How to Add a Link to Instagram Story?

Instagram has turned into a marketing platform in a short time because it is a very popular social network used by many people. Users from many professional groups have started to run their businesses through this platform. It has become necessary to add links to the Instagram story in the stories that we constantly come across.

So how is the process of add a website link to the Instagram story done? What are the other ways? Does your account need certain conditions? What are the other features of this process? We will try to answer such questions of yours clearly.

What Are Instagram Story Link Stickers?

The menu you will enter when add a link to the Instagram story is the menu with stickers. You can normally place these stickers on all your posts. The same goes for the system link tag. So you can add links from within the menu as you add stickers. Then your link in the form of stickers is formed and you can place it anywhere in any size you want.

Adding links to an Instagram story previously had requirements such as having a business account, blue check (verified account), and 10K followers. But Instagram has officially announced that there is no need for this anymore and that links can be shared from all accounts. So there are no requirements to share links to your Instagram stories!

Add a Link to Instagram Story Step By Step

If we come to the technical part of adding links to your Instagram account and how to do it;

  1. First, add your story from the section with your profile photo in the top left.
  2. Then click on the sticker mark at the top right and select the “link” section.
  3. In the menu that comes up, enter the address of the website you want to redirect to in the link section.
  4. So add a link to your Instagram story, and share your story by sizing and placing it as you like.
Use The Instagram Link Sticker

The purpose of the Instagram link tag is generally compatible with concepts such as awareness, conversion, and traffic. Because regardless of the purpose of the account, there are such reasons for redirecting to a place by giving a link.

If you are an Instagram phenomenon; you are also an influencer. So you have the power to influence the masses, and you can show this power by directing your audience with referral messages such as “buy”, “click”, “read”, and “donate”. While the common use of adding links to an Instagram story is marketing, it’s also possible that you have a nonprofit referral purpose.

How To Add CTA To Your Instagram Stories?

Now that you’ve figured out how to add links to your Instagram story, the next step is to make it stand out from customers who might be referring to your brand. One of the quickest ways to drive traffic is to use a strong, clear CTA.

Adding a link to your Instagram story is sometimes not enough. So you can liven up your story with CTAs and maybe some emoji and stickers that match your brand. To learn this in more detail and to make your stories stand out, we recommend that you take a look at our article about call-to-action.

If you have a small business; It is natural that you have a constant concern about concepts such as traffic and conversion. You may not see numbers that are in a certain order, and you may feel helpless and tired in the pursuit of your targeted increase. In this process, making aggressive changes to the optimization of your ads can lead you to a bigger dead end.

So don’t judge it right after you try to add a link to your Instagram story. You should do this consistently for a while. (In fact, this is the case with all types of advertising.) One of the advantages of being able to use your stories as an advertising tool is that you can add Reels and Posts to your story. So you can create your advertising style by pasting your various advertising models into your story and adding links!

Sharing IG Links in Stories

Another way to add links to an Instagram story was the scrolling feature. The swipe-up part appeared at the bottom of the story, and the user scrolled to a specific link. However, this feature has now been removed and the ability to sharing links in stories has been found sufficient.

Add a swipe-up link on the Instagram story had the same requirements as it was a feature that existed when there were conditions to add link tags. If you didn’t have 10K followers, you couldn’t use the swipe-up feature. This feature has been completely removed as of 2021. Later, the swipe-up feature was removed and no information was given as to why it was removed.

Tips to Use Instagram Story Link Stickers

We can add links to Instagram story. Okay, but we need a few tips for conversion and traffic! For example, you should use certain professional design practices to share stories that are suitable for your business style and brand logo.

It doesn’t stop there, this design must include CTAs that will attract the attention of your post office customers. Your customers should want to click on your referral link. CTAs like “Sign up now!”, “Read more”, and “See store” will increase your traffic through your link tag.

WASK Smart Advices Banner

If you want users to follow the links in your Instagram stories, you should customize link tags and make them compatible with the image in the story. You can do this by clicking on the link tag. You have a choice of several colors and the chance to make it suitable for many sizes.

You should create original content and your designs should be suitable for your brand style. You should have content that will grab the attention of your target audience. We encourage you to share interactive stories as much as possible!

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Gizem is a Content Writer at WASK; she loves to write and teach with her writings. Since meeting WASK, she has been so excited about writing on digital marketing and technology! Her passions other than writing are: acting, playing sports, singing, dancing and reading/learning new things!

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