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All About Closed Facebook Ad Accounts

In Facebook, there are many closed ad accounts for a variety of reasons, but the most common include violations of their advertiser standards or contributing to a terrible customer experience. If you’re not sure why this is happening, what you should do right now to get it operating again, or how to avoid this problem in the future, keep on reading.

It’s highly important to discover the distinction between disapproved ads and disabled ad accounts, which are two of the most common concerns when it comes to Facebook ad management. Many advertisers and marketers get these two concepts mixed up.

The important point to remember is that why you lost access to your Facebook Ads account in the first place. That’s why, advertisers and marketers can have their Facebook ad accounts closed and disabled for two reasons.

Personal Account Is Blocked

You lose access to the advertisements account once your personal account is disabled. However, this does not imply that your ads will be suspended. All of your ads will continue to operate on Facebook, and the cost will be deducted.

Anyone else with Business Manager access will be able to log in and optimize advertising as well. Nevertheless, if a user’s personal account is restricted he or she will be unable to access the ads account.

The Ads Account Is Blocked

The second reason you are not able to log into your closed Facebook ad account is that it has been probably disabled. This is the most typical and common situation for advertisers.

All advertising activities are frozen when the ads account is blocked. This implies that your whole marketing effort will be stopped until the issue is solved.

Why Facebook Ad Account Is Disabled?

Facebook Ad Account Is Disabled

Most of advertisers claim to have been restricted from Facebook for no apparent reason, but this is extremely rare. Facebook bans ads for a variety of reasons. Let’s have a look at why Facebook accounts are being blocked in this field.

There are a great number of reasons why Facebook ad accounts get banned. It could be regarding the ad, the ad account, or the landing page for the ad. Let’s go into detail at why Facebook is restricting ad accounts.

•Due to violations of Facebook’s Terms of Service, many advertisers had their ad accounts suspended. The company will disable your advertisement account if you violate the Terms of Service even slightly.

•Aside from the company’s Terms of Service, Facebook has ad regulations that must be followed to the letter for all ads delivered on the network. The following is a list of the most common advertising offenses that result in ad account suspensions. These advertising policies include such as personal qualities, Facebook brand utilization, the 20% principle, limited keyword and categories, images of the before and after, poor quality content.

•Negative customer feedback is another reason why Facebook removes ad accounts. In other circumstances, your ads might follow the company’s ad regulations but attract a lot of bad comments from customers or Facebook itself.

Relevance Scores, a feature that allows users to close ads and score their relevance, was recently introduced by Facebook. A lower score should be avoided at all costs. A bad score won’t only diminish accession, but will also result in the closure of your ad account.

  • The closed ad accounts are frequently the result of too many ads being disapproved. With so many ads disapproved, Facebook supposes you haven’t read the platform’s Terms of Service, let alone the ads policies, and has little choice except to limit your ad account.
  • Like other websites, Facebook is prone to link checking in from many devices with online fraud. Many advertisers are completely unaware of this fact. Utilizing several devices to log in is deemed odd conduct and could result in your advertisements account being disabled. Your account won’t be disabled right away, but if the trend persists, Facebook will take action.
  • In order to determine any connections, Facebook pay attention to all personal accounts, fan pages and ad accounts. If a user affiliated with your ad account has been restricted from Facebook, you endanger losing your ad account or fan page completely.
  • Utilizing the same payment method for several accounts is another reason your Facebook ad account could be disabled. When Facebook disables an ad account, it also disables the payment method. That signifies if you use the same payment method for a banned ad account, you endanger having that account banned as well.
  • The final reason most closed ad accounts is due to the payment issues that are not consistent. Late payments are flagged by Facebook because they indicate that the ad account is unstable.


Closed Facebook Ad Accounts

To stay on Facebook’s good side, pay attention to its advertiser policies, read their updates for any changes, run relevant advertisements that lead to the appropriate landing pages, and keep your payment information up to current.

Make sure you read and understand the Facebook Terms of Service, as well as the company’s ad policies, to avoid having your account disabled. As you can see, there are several rules and regulations that must be followed. Make certain that the landing pages and the information on them adhere to the established guidelines.

Also, try to keep your account’s risk score as low as possible. Risk score refers to the level of trustworthiness of your Facebook account. Algorithms at the company determine the score. To avoid significant amounts of disapproved ads and other associated causes that could harm your Facebook customer feedback score, stay consistent in the quality of ads you provide.

Payments should be made on a regular basis. As previously stated, Facebook is likely to identify accounts that have a history of late or defaulted payments. Use Business Manager to keep up with your payments. It permits you to use a variety of payment methods without danger.

It’s also critical to use caution when granting access to your ad account. Ensure that none of the team members you add have any existing Facebook bans or issues. Giving banned users access to your advertisements account can spread like a virus.

Finally, make it a practice to just use one device to log in. As previously stated, signing in from several devices can raise red flags. Using numerous IP addresses to launch advertising is synonymous with online fraud.

And, you did it! That’s basically everything you need to know about why and how your Facebook ad account got closed and what can you do to fix the problem. Make sure to follow these rules and get help from WASK to manage your ad accounts easily and smoothly.

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