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Best of Instagram Story Examples From Successful Brands

Instagram is a very current and popular marketing area for companies and individuals. The quality of Instagram Stories is very important for everyone who wants to promote and popularize their product and service to large masses.

If you have reached this article by being aware of this, you are lucky because we did some research to get an idea of creativity and current marketing style by taking a look at Instagram story examples shared by your company and other companies and influencers.

In this article, we will give IG story examples from some brands and tell you what Story types are, and how they can be created. Among the marketing platforms you will use to promote your brand and grow your company, you can learn many topics you want to learn about Instagram, which is perhaps the most frequently updated, by following our blog posts.

Instagram Story Types and Examples

Brands share one Instagram stories examples daily and increase their interaction on social media, increasing their power. Brands use this method by selecting the appropriate type at the appropriate times to align it with their vision and marketing processes. Instagram accounts are just as important to brands as the website.

The way you design your profile layout, stories, reels, posts, and highlights will grab the attention of your potential customers. You will have questions such as what to design, how to arrange, and how to do it. That’s why we will try to help by taking a look at the successful work of different brands.

In our article where we will give examples of suitable Instagram story ads, we will also explain the types of these stories. Stories are made in sweepstakes, polls As, and announcements, and you can create animated and designable kinds of stories. You can add all of this to the “highlights” section, edit that section specifically for your account, and create cover images.

Instagram Story Giveaway Examples

Instagram Story Giveaway Examples

Many stories are put on Instagram with the lottery method by the brands and these raffles are followed by the followers. Interaction increases considerably thanks to users who comment, follow, and tag their friends so that the gifts they watch and want are theirs.

In this sense, we can say that the raffles are a type of story that has a lot of income but is more difficult to do than others. A raffle story is not just a genre that you decide to do and can do, it’s a story that is longer than others and has a process of getting permission, etc.

Some brands have published sweepstakes stories before, and now let’s examine the best examples of Instagram stories:

Best Instagram Story Giveaway Examples

In the example above, you can see Kiehl’s raffle examples. Post-sharing and then sharing it in such a story can be more effective. Users contribute to these sweepstakes such as tracking, sharing, and commenting, and contribute to the popularity of the account. However, you can use Instagram giveaway tools for these stories.

Animated Instagram Stories Examples

Animated Instagram Stories Examples

Instagram is an area where you can easily exhibit an image you make with an external design program or animated stories you design for yourself. One thing that amazing Instagram stories examples have in common is this: the relevance of visuals to the topic has a greater impact than if they are the result of very long efforts. The New Yorker shows this in the story example.

Instagram Stories Examples Gif

You can see how effective stories you can create with Instagram stories examples gifs and simple animations. It makes a subject with social sensitivity sympathetic to gifs and attracts attention. Using such gifs in shout-out stories will be so effective.

The same goes differently for The Economist, trying to draw attention with a small design suitable for the subject rather than a simple gif. The two examples are different from each other, but they follow the right path in marketing.

Instagram Story Highlights Examples

Instagram Story Highlights Examples

The most important area that allows companies to make their Instagram profiles unique is the “highlights” area. We can say that it is important that you evaluate this correctly. If you look at examples of Instagram story highlights, it is possible to see that it has been worked diligently both in terms of content and the appearance and visuals of the area under the profile.

If you want a layout like the Instagram Story Examples, you can follow the behavior of your customers and start creating a tiny catalog for them.

Examples of Instagram Story Highlights

Here you can see that Target’s list of highlights displays products with links with the FIND title. In addition, Huckberry decorated his profile with an interesting and organized design.

Shoutout Instagram Story Examples

Instagram stories are also active for programs, donations, or community events. This type of story can be used not only when announcing to promote a product or service, but also to gather public power.

Many brands use this type by working with a face that uses their product and service and is appropriate for the campaign. It will of course be effective for someone who makes a cooking program to partner with the brand that they think has very good pots and share a shoutout story on both sides.

Shoutout Instagram Story Examples

You can see the shout-out story of accounts like Marvel, Intern Report, and Disney. They all make announcements with faces suitable for the subject and ensure that accounts interact.

Instagram Story Poll Examples

Instagram Story Poll Examples

The survey type will get much more interaction than the others because it is an interactive process. You can constantly exchange ideas and conduct market research by learning first-hand. We’ll also suggest you take a look at your competitors’ polls and answers if you want to find Instagram story question ideas.

In our example, you can see that The New Yorker creates interaction with tests that are appropriate to its style and style, and also provides certain information at that time. In the same way, American Eat both informs readers and prepares for its next post, advertisement, and reels based on participation.

Instagram Story Question Ideas

Here you can witness the fun sting of accounts like Target, and American Eats in an interactive situation with users.

Creative Instagram Story Ideas for E-Commerce

Instagram Story Ideas for E-Commerce

We have made some definitions about Instagram story examples where you can announce your company’s ads to more audiences and we have taken a look at brands. You can also create the interest of New York Times Magazine in the above image with the poll-looking story in the highlights of your brand.

In this section, we’ll give you tips for creating an Instagram story and try to contribute to your growth by taking your brand with you to Instagram stories. Let’s create a list of the best Instagram Story ideas together:

  • Ask questions that are relevant to your content, and let users contribute to your content.
  • Ask questions often, and get ideas through surveys on topics that you can enjoy together and that interest your brand.
  • Let your customers and prospects get to know you.
  • Carefully organize your featured section and don’t forget to place the stories that are most interesting to your audience in the highlights section.
  • Also, while doing all this, be sure to plan events that are suitable for the calendar and time.
  • Be consistent with both time and content.

If you want to come up with Instagram Story ideas for businesses, you should do your content planning upfront. Make sure that both this plan and the story types are relevant to your products and services. So if you’re advertising sunglasses, it won’t be right for you to do a shoutout story with a recognizable face in cold countries.

WASK Smart Target Audience Banner

The common feature of big brands in this sense is that they are shared with the appropriate technique. It will be equally important that you choose a story that is suitable for the interests of your target audience and the visual templates they click more. It will help you to go through Instagram stories ads examples like we did in this article.

Of course not, but depending on your campaign objective, you may be deprived of more engagement. But as we mentioned, your target audience may not want to see this type of campaign in their Instagram stories, and you may not have a suitable campaign and campaign objective, as in the Instagram story marketing examples. Except in cases like this, Instagram stories will move your campaign upwards.

WASK may be the vehicle you are looking for. Because WASK gives you advertising templates, regardless of the advertising platform, helps you design and create text. Then, with smart targeting and optimization features, your ad will be in the appropriate dimensions and styles for your campaign’s Instagram stories.

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