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Types of Digital Marketing Channels

Digital marketing is the process of using various channels in promotional activities for the sale of any product or service and offering it for sale. In this article, we’ll look at what these channels are and their types. If you are looking for information that will contribute to your brand in terms of marketing, you better spend your time on this article about digital marketing channels and types.

With the developing technology and marketing techniques, many campaigns were made in terms of multi-channel digital marketing. When these advertising campaigns, which used several ways together instead of a single way, were successful, the market evolved in this direction. Digital marketing strategies have managed to move many brands and advertising campaigns forward using all these channels.

What Is a Digital Marketing Channel?

Digital marketing channels are a tool for all advertising campaigns in the online market to reach consumers. Therefore, there are many types of digital marketing channels examples. Because any kind of advertising you apply for the growth of your brand and the channel that is a tool for it will be considered a digital marketing channel and type.

E-commerce also builds the process of delivering products to customers using these channels. It would be great if you take a look at our article on E-commerce marketing to understand the difference between the two concepts.

Let’s make some of them more clearly understood by giving examples. For example, the emails you send on behalf of your brand are a kind of digital marketing channel. Or you showcase your products on your website with certain content and strategies, in which case your website is another marketing channel.

Search engines, social media, and many other types of marketing, which we’ll explain in more detail in a moment, are examples of digital marketing channels.

While digital marketing develops organically from time to time, it takes place with paid campaigns on some platforms. Paid digital marketing channels are briefly listed below:

  • Google Ads: Works search engine and website oriented.
  • Meta Ads: Facebook and Instagram are owned and used by Meta.
  • LinkedIn Ads: Works with a focus on the business world.
  • Twitter Ads: Works focused on messages and messages (forum logic according to the old order).
  • TikTok Ads: Works with a focus on display.

Each of these channels has its characteristics. For various types of advertising, each digital marketing platform can offer different advantages.

Organic Channels

These channels are the channels that evolved from traditional methods to digital. Again, each of them has separate advantages according to the sector. Listed below are the organic channels:

  • Google search engine
  • Bing search engine
  • Yandex search engine
  • Blog posts (Content marketing)
  • Webinar etc.

12 Best Digital Marketing Channels

The top types of digital marketing are only possible by knowing the industry and your own product/service. Recognizing these, the manufacturer selects and analyzes the targeted audience accordingly and chooses the digital marketing strategy accordingly.

Below we will give you the list of digital marketing channels for you. By examining it, you can discover the channels that are suitable for you and get the right strategy.

1. Email Marketing

Email Digital Marketing Channels

This type of digital marketing serves to write content to promote the products and services of a business to its target audience, to announce campaigns, and to communicate directly with it. It is customizable and costs little. But it can get caught in the spam filter, bothering if it is sent in excess.

2. Influencer Marketing

This type of digital marketing; aims for awareness and credibility by using people who are popular on social media or communication channels such as TV. Advertising is made based on the interest of the target audience.

It allows for real-time reactions, it is cyclically good to stay on the social media account constantly. But it is more difficult to measure the return on investment and pay attention to the product.

3. Websites Marketing

This type of digital marketing allows brands to reach users/consumers through their websites. In this way, while you can make easy online sales, it is likely to turn into a good strategy when used with marketing types such as SEO, PPC, and content marketing. You can increase your reputation with works such as backlinks.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing happens when a business collaborates with other businesses. The two brands support each other in promoting each other’s products and services and can reach a wider audience as a result of harmonious work. As with all digital marketing channels, it will not be enough to use this method alone.

5. Social Media Marketing

Types Digital Marketing

We can also give social media marketing as an example of b2b digital marketing channels. Because social media content does not have to be individual, and the agencies that manage the social media of brands aim to make this process healthier. Since Instagram depends on Meta, it is likely to be less costly and your target audience will reach you easily.

6. SEO Marketing

B2B digital marketing channels are digital marketing tools that a business uses to promote its products and services to other businesses. SEO is also available among these channels. But SEO doesn’t have to be just marketing from one business to another. Brands can do this work for themselves as well.

7. Mobile Marketing

It is the digital marketing strategy channel for all mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) that technology offers us. Mobile includes all ads, including mobile apps. We should also not forget the SMS way. The process of marketing through the app can become boring for the audience, but it is a good job for awareness.

8. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a channel of interesting things and useful information that businesses aim to convey to their target audience. It is sales-oriented, but it also helps to be known. Blog posts, videos, and podcasts fall into this genre and are quite popular. It is an area that is very beneficial to SEO.

9. Display Ads

ADS Digital Marketing

Of course, we know this genre as a legacy of traditional marketing. Because apart from written billboard ads, the definition of advertising was once videos broadcast on television. This habit now continues in the form of posting videos on digital platforms.

Although it is costly, it is memorable and popular. It can bring great success with detailed targeting, and budget management can also be easy if you deal with it.

10. Events Marketing

It is the marketing channel that is in contact with the most customers and potential customers among the digital marketing types. These are activities such as various seminars, webinars, or social media publications and pieces of training that are carried out by taking into account the interests of large groups. It is effective for the study of trust and awareness of the brand.

11. PR Marketing

This type of digital marketing, which represents public relations, serves to make quick connections with the target audience. With the right techniques, it can soften negative effects and build a secure bond with customers. It is ideal for goals such as customer loyalty and awareness.

12. Instant Messaging (IM) Marketing

This type, which is one of the effective digital marketing channels; Works with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram DM, and other website messaging apps. It reaches the customer directly.

There is a high probability of succeeding in creating a quality impression with real-time communication. It plays a very important role for both the customer and the brand in online sales.

How To Use Different Types of Digital Marketing?

Use Digital Marketing Channels

If you’re a business or brand owner, you’ll need to set a goal for your advertising. Any analysis you will make at this stage will be important for different digital marketing channels. Because some of them is a methods that will reach the goal of awareness faster, while others work traffic-oriented. Therefore, it is beneficial to use certain platforms and channels according to your target audience and mission.

You can even do cross-channel digital marketing. Instead of relying on a single channel, you use many channels and you can support each one and the other. The digital marketing channels for your e-commerce business are quite diverse. All you have to do is build your advertising campaigns by experimenting with your budget and goal and then optimizing them.

Which Digital Marketing Channels Should You Choose?

It is not possible to say this directly. Because we cannot give a clear answer without knowing which sector we are advertising to and for what purpose. And even when you have all the information, sometimes it takes time to discover the right strategy. Choosing the best digital marketing channels depends on what you’re aiming for. Even your target audience’s interests or where they live are important.

For example, if your goal is only awareness, in this case using marketing types such as events or instant messaging will not help in the first place. As such channels are already known, they should be chosen at the stage that will give you momentum. There are certain factors when choosing the right digital marketing channels and you should decide by considering them!

Benefits Of Different Types Of Digital Marketing Channels

It may not be easy to identify the best channels with the best results, but it’s not hard to list the benefits that all these channels can provide.

  • Reach large audiences
  • Attracting potential customers
  • Customer loyalty and trust in the brand
  • Communicating directly with the customer
  • Organic traffic
  • Better conversion rates
  • It is possible to see the advantages such as increased sales.
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If you can discover and use the best online marketing channels for your business, you can increase your success by optimizing them over time. All of this increases your site traffic, conversion rate, customer loyalty, awareness, etc.

If the advertising campaign you have designed is reaching its goal, and if you have started to receive a return on your investment, you can analyze the channels you use in that process and measure success. Numbers like CTR, CR, ROI, sales rate, and the number of followers will also help you. Review your campaign through these metrics and prioritize the best marketing channels for your business.

When you will choose between different types of marketing; you should make a target audience, sector, and competitor analysis. You should consider your budget and optimize your campaigns by constantly reviewing them. For your brand, the types of digital marketing you’ll reach for in this process are best.

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