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Video Marketing Statistics in 2023

Being nominated for managing the video marketing of the future Internet world can help us accurately provide the services we need, reinvigorate the masses, and arouse interest. The impact of video marketing on mobile statistics is manifested in the form of frequent turning to social media while riding the bus or traveling. Of course, this benefits social media marketers.

However, social media marketing experts realize that users are bored with classic advertising methods. They find it more convenient to use video marketing strategies because video marketing strategies are more useful, and interesting, and can interact with users.

Because now people think that they will waste time reading long articles on social networks and they are not interested in anything. However, video content shopping is a very successful method of attracting attention, according to video marketing statistics(84 minutes per day, with an average of 17 hours of video viewing per week), it attracts more people to visual memory and provides retention.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is the most popular and attractive marketing strategy among marketing methods. An effective marketing method for 96% of marketers. If we consider that a photo is worth a thousand words, we must understand how important our video content is to us. Digital marketing video is the most effective marketing method in terms of delivering the message we create and the message we want to convey to our users.

If the video content is of good quality, the user learns approximately 90% of the message that is intended to be transmitted in the ad until the user passes the video ads and when they want to investigate the subject, the interesting video content is deep in his mind they come alive and does not escape by providing comments. It is an inevitable fact that people generally prefer those that have visual content from social media platforms and generate the most online video marketing interaction among these social media platforms.

How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy?

Successful Video Marketing Strategy

When determining your marketing strategy, you should act following not only today’s conditions but also the opportunities you will gain in the future. You should invest in success such as videos to be promoted and distributed, and traffic to come with SEO work.

To be an effective brand that focuses on the wants and needs of customers and to drive them to buy your service, you should shoot videos and use video marketing to your advantage. In the rest of the article, we will provide you with various steps to create a strategy and set goals for video marketing by adapting it to your brand.

In your video advertising job, you must connect the user to themselves for up to 5 seconds because of their interest. You should deliver your message to the user as soon as possible, either explicitly or unconsciously, because we know that users are not guaranteed to view the video, so you should be present to send the message.

You must make sure to choose the platform on which you will share your video content. You must know the age, gender, interest, and similar topics that the content of the video addresses, and choose the platform that applies according to the degree of compliance with these criteria. Remember that people run away from normal posts due to excessive writing content.

Try to keep the write rate below 20% on your video content and try to get your message across in pictures, not text. Don’t forget to measure your video marketing campaigns and make optimizations accordingly.

1. Determine your purpose in strategizing.

To develop a video marketing strategy, you must first set a goal. Do you want a new audience or do you want to secure your existing audience? Or is it your website traffic and campaign conversions that interest you more? You should find answers to such questions and move forward by clarifying your purpose.

2. Conduct Audience Analysis.

You should examine what kind of videos your customers will like and watch according to their interests and demographics. Start with the video posts. Then, determine many details such as the people in the video content, their tone of voice, their style, and the trending words they use to fit this analysis.

3. Create Video Content

If we come to the content part, which is one of the most important stages of video marketing, this is exactly where you need to tell the story about your brand correctly. You have to make them want to hear your story. Focus on the solutions you produce for the needs, and offer solutions to the conflicts within the story. Invite users to be curious about the story of your service. Satisfy customer curiosity as you satisfy customer needs.

4. Promote

You must promote and distribute your content through various channels. The more people watching, the faster you’ll grow. It is possible to make yourself stand out by using channels such as social media, and blogs. You can advertise and get noticed by using marketing methods in the right way.

5. Analyze and Optimize

You must continue to monitor the work you do so that it reaches the potential of your labor. You have to analyze it and see what is missing. You should allocate your advertising budget (digital marketing budget) appropriately to the returns. You have to give up the methods that don’t win you over or learn to make them better. Once you’ve determined your video marketing strategy, you should start working on whatever type of video you’re going to prefer.

Types of Videos Marketing

Types of Videos Marketing

There are many varieties of this type of marketing that evolves with social media video marketing. To create the most effective strategy, it will be very important to use the right type in the right place and to analyze the content your company needs. If you support your company videos with e-mail marketing, this will be very useful for your brand. Let’s examine what these species are…

1. Demo Video

This type is a kind of simulation of the service provided. The user is allowed to try the service in advance. The experienced user is likely to feel closer to your company and turn into a loyal customer in the future. In short, you show the way you use a software, application, or website you have developed; The video where you explain how it works is a demo video.

2. Interview Video

It is a type of video that contains informative conversations with people who have been influential in important points about the company. It takes the form of information about the market or a conversation with influential business people whose names we hear in the market. Such videos are memorable for interested users/consumers, and effective in deleting the amateur view.

3. Introduction Video

It is a type of video marketing that describes your company’s products and services, makes a breakdown of the initiatives, and includes information about the vision. In general, the audience where the company is introduced has not received information about the company before. For example, companies benefit from such videos when they want to do business internationally.

These videos can consist of content such as corporate promotion, as well as permanent graphics in mind, and can give news such as events. 52% of companies prefer this type of video.

4. “How is it done?” Video

These videos can be called one of the most clicked videos of video marketing. It is possible to shoot on any subject. It is possible to shoot how to do something in many varied and entertaining styles, or it can be a very formal type of video. It has variety in itself, and viral videos of this type will come up a lot.

5. Animation Video

It is a type of video created with various drawings and graphics, animations. It is a type in which you can be quite successful in explaining many topics. At the same time, such videos are effective in making topics that users find boring and entertaining.

For example, it will be effective to use such videos in a seminar where you want to explain a medical topic. Even if users aren’t interested, your video can be effective in terms of narration and you won’t have a hard time staying in mind.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Benefits of Video Marketing

As a business, you may ask the question “Why Video Marketing?” and not know how to use it to your advantage. We also want to help you to answer exactly this question. First of all, there is a reason why video, which is a very easy content to share and stream, attracts users and the best video marketing statistics appear: it is ease of consumption. In this sense, you must keep this consumption process short, it keeps the user interested.

At the same time, video marketing is a very effective and interesting type of marketing in terms of brand awareness. It is an effective way to build user awareness. Videos are a promotional tool that spreads easily among friends. It opens the door to a permanent communication journey with your target audience. It’s the most fun way to build trust between the customer and the brand. Video marketing allows you to chart a path to success in terms of ROI statistics as well.

It is a very important feedback tool. Likes, comments, and shares provide interaction and traffic for your company. To mention an important point from video marketing tips, if you prepare a video as a result of technical research, you will be able to make your videos more interesting by using SEO techniques.

You will be able to increase your purchase rates and stay in the minds of customers thanks to video marketing. If you manage the process well, maybe it’s your brand that captures the top video marketing statistics!

Video Marketing on Social Media Channels

Social media video marketing doesn’t vary significantly compared to other platforms. But that doesn’t stop us from calculating certain variables. Social media is an area where users are in closer contact than other platforms. For this reason, choosing interactive videos will increase the interaction and attract both the attention of the algorithm and the attention of the user while creating the month.

When creating social media content, creating a video marketing campaign will help you. When you create this campaign, you can create eye-catching titles and subtitles. You can align the campaigns you create with other platforms and provide multiple benefits. The fact that these campaigns tell a story, educate, and entertain will also benefit your brand.

WASK Smart Target Audience Banner

By approaching video marketing trends, it’s important to find tools that you can use templates, and animations for. Some of the popular applications used: VideoScribe, Fastreel, Simpleshow,, Videvo…

It is not possible to say this clearly, because, for some products and services, this formula may not work as practically as for others. But since video marketing is the most common form of communication today, you can look for a way for each service and perhaps find the right formula.

In B2B video marketing, the way your video appeals to the user is important. In other words, the fact that the video describes the service correctly, customer testimony, and market trends reviews will have a positive effect.

It would not be right to put a limitation on the subject name. But it is possible to explain this with certain headings. Interactive videos that care about the customer’s experience, have educational or entertaining content and are suitable for trends, and will be much more prominent.

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